Monday, July 27, 2009

La Reunion Coffee Shop

There's a new kid in town. Well sorta. It's not a "kid" per-say, but a coffee shop! It is La Reunion and it's located in my hometown of Helena. And it is my business spotlight today. July 3rd I gave you a tour of this fine town I live and introduced you to some of the retail businesses as well as the citizens that make this town the wonderful place it is.
Today I would like to take you to the new coffee shop, La Reunion.
The owners are Del and Robin Howell. It's not their first time in the business, they have owned and operated successful coffee houses in the Liberty Park and Forest Park areas of Birmingham.
I asked Robin about the name, La Reunion, and she pointed me to a sign about the history of La Reunion, which is actually an island in the Indian Ocean owned by the French. History says that 100's of years ago, 100 coffee trees were transported from Africa to the island. Only 2 trees survived the journey. The government of La Reunion, then called the Isle of Bourbon, made every inhabitant plant coffee trees which initiated the export of coffee to Europe. From those two initial surviving trees, the islanders started a species known as Bourbon Arabica, which is still grown around the world. Reunion Island no longer grows coffee, but instead is a surfers paradise.

But at La Reunion, it's all about the coffee. Be sure to try one of the Signature Hot Lattes or Frozen Frappes. Whether you prefer a coffee drinks hot or cold La Reunion has it all, Be it Latte or Cappuccino. For me, who is not a coffee drinker, it's the hot tea from their gourmet selection of loose teas that peaks my interest. And if you really want a treat try one of the coffee's with flavored syrup, or one of Del's signature Smoothie's. My personal favorite!

Everyone likes a little something to dunk in their joe and you can find a wonderful assortment of breakfast breads, muffins, bagels and croissants. Dieters will be pleased with the wise choices of organic granola, yogurt and fresh fruit.

The Lunch Menu is Superb! A great selection of deli style sandwiches served up on white, whole grain, croissant or foccacia breads with Miss Vickie's chips and crisp dill spears.
May I recommend my favorite sandwich, the Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella on Focossia bread. Ask to have it "Bloggerita style", which is with a side of balsamic vinegar dressing to drizzle over top. Hallelujah! Amen!
Another favorite, which is the house specialty is the Asian chicken Salad Sandwich, or served as salad. Speaking of salads, you may opt for one of the many different crisp lettuce salads topped off with delicious dressings.

You will enjoy the atmosphere as you sip and feast. The coffee shop is located in the historical area of downtown Helena. With the plank floors and exposed brick and ceilings, you will find the building is as steeped in charm as the coffee is flavor.
Bring your laptop and surf the Internet while you sip on a nice hot cup of java, that's right WI-FI, mi BLOGGERS!
The cozy furniture arrangements are perfect for carving some private space or can also accommodate a group for meetings.
On Friday or Saturday evenings, enjoy listening to some live music!
There is even a gift area featuring coffees already packaged for gift giving and cards too!
I just know you are going to love La Reunion!
Now, let me tell you about something exciting about the coffee shop. The shop features several local artist, who each designed their own table, such as this pretty one below:
AND. Call me FONZIE!
I have my own table!!
Ok, It's really OUR table. Yours and mine.
And I invite you to sit there.
In fact, I would be most honored!
But I have to tell you, I feel a bit like Fonzie from Happy Days at the thought of having my own table. LOL! Pretty cool.
Robin and Del were kind enough to give me a table to design and paint for the shop.
I got some professional help in the assistance of my brother in law, a talented artist who works for the Tuscaloosa News. Together we came up with a feeling and theme for our table. Coffee in Bloggeritaville.

"The Artist" began sketching my ideas onto the table and it began to come alive as we both painted and discussed the mood of the table.

The Bloggeritaville table has things that relate to the blog.
The luggage tags on the suitcase refer to things in my life: The Clematis Club are my group of friends. The Virgin Islands, where I long to sink my toes in the sand, the name of the hotel is actually a hotel in Sarasota, Florida that was really "old Florida", my husband used to comment on it often and joke about it, and of course I had to have a luggage tag for my hometown of Helena, my little oasis...and home of La Reunion.
And here it is....La Reunion's Tales from Bloggeritaville table!
It's the place to sit, relax and enjoy your time at La Reunion!
I want to thank Robin and Del for allowing a bit of Bloggeritaville at La Reunion.
Two Islands converge at one place...La Reunion Coffee Shop.
I hope to see you there!

La Reunion
Privately Owned by Del and Robin Howell
Located in Historic Helena
4085 Helena Road
Helena Alabama 35080
(205) 358-3000
Business Hours
Open Mon 6:30AM-6PM
Tues-Thurs 6AM-8PM
Friday 6:30AM-10:00 PM
Saturday 7AM-10PM
closed Sunday


Bama Belle said...

Oh Leigh I cannot wait to visit and sit atthe table! Y'all did a great job! How I adore it!

jennifer said...

Leigh! That table is the coolest! You amaze me with the things you are involved in - just too cool.

La Reunion sounds great.

Mari said...

It sounds like a wonderful place - I know I would love it! Your table looks great too!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Leigh, what a great story! Love hearing the history of the coffee beans and that table! Such a fabulous table! Your BIL is so talented! I love it!



Oh I cannot wait to go here. I am planning to sit at your table. I have always had a secret desire to own one of these....but Alex City is not ready for me! Maybe when I retire.

Kelly said...

That table is fabulous! As is the coffee shop. I wish I could visit and have a cup with you!

Jennifer said...

What a great story about the origin of La Reunion. I absolutely adore Robin and Dale's coffee, but had no clue of the origin! I frequent this place daily and love the atmosphere. If you like chocolate and peanut butter you must try their Reese's Reunion! Great job with the table!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love your table, Leigh!! Our town needs a place like this.

Denise said...

The Bloggeritaville table is perfect!

I'm sure it will be very popular!


TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

What a great place! I am seriously fantasizing about where I can use that green paint that they used on the chalkboard frames. The table is fantastic! What a talent!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like a great little place and the foods sounds so good.

Kirby3131 said...

What a fantastic way to put a little bit of the community into the community coffee shop. Just lovely! I love your painted table!! It's perfect and your personality SHINES through.

I wish all the best to La Reunion.

Keetha Broyles said...

Tres cool - - - your blog is table famous.

We went into a coffee shop several times in Hayward that resembles this one quite a bit. I didn't do a blog post about that one though - - - but I DID get a t-shirt there that says: "Lumberjill - - - don't send a man to do a woman's job!"

Hayward is the home of the Lumberjack World Championships which just happened this past weekend - - - you may have seen glimpses of them on ESPN.

xinex said...

Oh how neat that you have a pained table there, Leigh. What a fun and cozy coffee shop..Christine

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is awesome! Beautiful job.
Now I will absolutely have to go.