Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Coming in Boots! + Outdoor Wednesday

I published this last week on my food blog, but wanted to share it here for those that did not see it. The following is only an exerpt of the post, to view the post in it's entirity, along with a recipe that is included, visit my Plates and Places Blog.

Here is something I am really excited about....
Today as you read this I will be attending the Neshoba County Fair, just outside of Philadelphia Mississippi. It is touted as Mississippi's Giant House Party.
In trying to explain the idea to my friend, High Mae, who absolutely did not want to go to a "fair" (because "I don't like the fair people"...) I told her, "Mae, It's an exclusive fair". She called it an oxymoron. To know the Neshoba, one can only attend...and then they can make any assumptions they want.
The fair will kick off its 2009 season on July 24 and run through July 31. The fair was also recently featured (July 09) in the great southern decor bible, Southern Living Magazine. The fair becomes a giant house party when it is transformed from a field of red clay to a hustling and bustling temporary city-complete with a post office and zip code all it's own! Hundreds of 2 story cabins consisting of mostly bunk style sleeping encircle a racetrack where camptown horse races are a hot ticket daily. Children and Old timers alike make visits from cabin to cabin, where strangers quickly become like family. This ritual takes place from sun up to sun down....and continues well into the night with impromptu music jams. To acquire a cabin one must be extremely lucky, know someone, or have it passed down to you.
This year I was so lucky, I know "a friend of a my friend Sweetness". And I am IN like white on rye. And fleas on dogs. And well, you get the picture.
I will report back with all the fun on Friday.
And I will share the REAL pictures of the fair next Wednesday on Outdoor Wednesday.
But now for today's Outdoor Wednesday...

A recent trip to the park with my children Sister Sledge & J Smooth, with friend Sid in tow.
We picniced and enjoyed the cooler temps of late last week. Unheard of for July!
The kids played in the park. It was such a wonderful day!
To see more of the Outdoor Wednesday participants visit OW's most gracious host- Susan of Southern Daydreamer.
Do join me tomorrow for Thrifty Thursday.
The link will be up Wednesday night at 7 PM CST.


Mari said...

This brings back memories of the fair that was held in my hometown. It was the thing to do during that week, and I was scolded by some of my cousins when I had the audacity to schedule my wedding at the end of the week!

Blondie's Journal said...

Wow, Leigh!! You really have me psyched up about this fair!! Maybe next year I will try to get a cabin! lol!! It sounds like my kind of fun...can't wait until you post about it!

Cute park pictures. Enjoy summer~it's flying by!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Fun time for the children. We had some cooler temps last week also and it was wonderful.
Have not been to the fair in a long time - the one here sorta took a nose dive.

Terry said...

I love picnics but this year has been pretty crappy so not many picnics.

xinex said...

How fun, Leigh!~ And cute kids too!...Christine

ellen b said...

Glad things cooled down for the trip to the park. Have fun at that interesting sounding fair!!

♥georgie♥ said...

I was LOL@In trying to explain the idea to my friend, High Mae, who absolutely did not want to go to a "fair" (because "I don't like the fair people"...) I told her, "Mae, It's an exclusive fair". She called it an oxymoron.

Can not wait to see more pics of the fair....and those park pics are too cute the girls are adorable

Lori E said...

Thanks for your July heat here in Vancouver. We are 20-30 degrees hotter than usual here reaching 102 degrees today.
What did Austin Powers say about carnies? Small hands.

Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage said...

Hi Leigh! Can't wait to hear about your trip to the fair. Great shots of the kidlings.Looks like you're having a great summer. Happy OW!

Riet said...

Happy outdoor. I love your lovely post.

susan said...

I can't believe I have never been to this when I am not very far away. But I do think you have to see it to believe it-where else are there "fair homes"?!

Regina said...

Such fun. Wonderful post!
Happy outdoor.

Derek said...

I'm jealous. I've heard about that fair, but never been able to go. Let me know how is goes. Instead, I'm gonna head south to OB this weekend.

Have fun!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Looks like love and adventure resides in your home. Lovely feeling blog.

TTFN~~Claudia ♥

Mary said...

The fair sounds intriguing. I'll wager you'll have a blast. Can't wait to hear your follow-up. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Lynn said...

I love to watch "Fair People."
True exclusive fair IS an oxymoron!
Very funny!