Monday, April 6, 2009

Road Trip to Decatur for a Little BBQ and a Whole Lotta "LOVE"

I am behind in commenting to comments. Forgive me. I try and either comment within the comment box or with a personal email. I have read all the comments, and am trying to get caught up. Apologies if I don't respond. I also am behind in my blog reading. I am going to have to take a day off to get caught up. I wonder if Big Daddy will give me approval? Heck, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?
I am behind because we went out of town this past weekend. We went to Decatur, Alabama for my oldest child's tennis tournament. I had never been to Decatur, other than to drive past on the interstate. I much prefer to travel the scenic route! There are so many great places discovered by doing that. Decatur is one of them. A great little big city. Decatur has it all. Joe Wheeler State Park is is there. Located on Wheeler Lake, the state park offers many types of boating, resort lodge, restaurant, cabins, camping, fishing, golf, tennis, and swimming. I regret that there wasn't enough time to explore. Also of note in Decatur is Point Mallard Park. The park is hidden among North Alabama‘s wooded pines, the 500-acre family park lets you stay in tune with nature 365 days a year. It boast such adventures as golf, a water park, camping on the lake, ice skating, jogging, biking, walking trails, batting cages and -tennis courts! Point Mallard was where the tournament was held. Located shortly off of Interstate 65, it is a great little family stop, one that I will be returning to.
Bama played some good tennis.

The team as a whole came in first place! Congratulations to them!

When we arrived at the complex, we as a team (parents and players) set up our own little camp of chairs and snacks, a place to rest, during the two day event.
Close by was one of those little birds that nest on the ground. This one had a nest close by, she was protecting two little eggs (under her). She was very protective of them, and rightfully so. She became our little mascot of sorts.
After the tournament was over, we headed over to Big Bob Gibson's BBQ for a team celebration.
Big Bob Gibson's is listed among the 100 Places to Eat (in AL) Before you Die, among other notable commemorations and recognitions, as well as many many awards for their many sauces. For four generations, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q has been cooking up their famous mouthwatering slow-cooked meats and nationally award-winning sauces. Big Bobs just opened a new store in Monroe, North Carolina, so be sure and stop by one of their locations in either Decatur, Alabama or NC. I did my own little taste test inside, using rolls that are delivered to the tables and each one of the sauces. I like things spicy, and preferred the vinegar sauce and habenaro sauce. I actually liked them combined, which you can do yourself at the restaurant. The mustard sauce was a close second. Bama ordered a plate of ribs and enjoyed them. Big Daddy went for a chopped plate and also left a satisfied customer. Don't have a Bog Bob's in your area? You can shop online for the sauces and rubs as well as apparel so that you can look as though you ate at Big Bob's. Big Bob's also caters events.
We had planned on going to Tuscaloosa on Sunday to watch the Blue Angel Air Show, but because it was raining didn't have the opportunity to see them. I have seen them many times, and its an amazing show to see and awe over. The family did travel to T-town for a Sunday lunch at the Artist Home (my BIL) and his lovely wife. The remainder of the day was spent resting. Friday and Saturday really wore us out.
This week I am doing some spring cleaning as well as working on getting my giveaway material together. Be sure and tune in for that so you can enter. I am going to give all of my followers two chances to win....because I heart you so.
But right now...I am playing catch up! See you in Bloggeritaville!


KBeau said...

Congrats to your son's tennis team. I think that bird is called a kill deer. I see them a lot running around on the ground at the entrance to our subdivision.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. Congrats to the tennis team!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh YUM! I love good bar-b-que and the vinegar is my fave! I think you've got me drooling!

Mari said...

It sounds like a great weekend! I love the picture of the bird!

Kirby3131 said...

You are just the best tour guide, no matter where you go. Congrats to your son's tennis team! Looks like you all had a real nice family and friends weekend. That's great.

You are always so good about commenting to everyone, but it's OK to just start from here. Jump in where you are is what I say, unless it's taxes. lol

♥Trina♥ said...

I'm way, way behind on reading my favorite blogs, too!

Big Bob Gibson's---YUM!!!!! I LOVE their chicken and white sauce. My mouth is watering now. THANKS, Leigh!!! LOL

Congrats to Bama on the tennis.

jennifer said...

We lived in Decature for about 6 months before we moved to Cullman.

Big Bob Gibson's is SOOO good! We would get their stuffed pork potato and the thing was as big as a football. It was really good!

Glad that Bama and the team did well.

LauraBeth said...

I can't believe you visited my hometown and didn't tell me!!!!! Big Bob's is one of our treasures - PLEASE tell me you had a chicken potato with white sauce and a piece of chocolate pie. . . there are no words to describe this combo other than YUM! Glad y'all had a good time and that Bama's team played well! Let me know next time you want to take a road trip up there - I know some GREAT spots for antiquing!

♥georgie♥ said...

WTG to the tennis team! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

We get to go to Decatur in May for a soccer tournament..... Big Bob's is on our list of places to eat!

ann said...

I wonder how in the world that bird and her baby can survive predators on the ground.hmmmmmm.
C ongrats on your son.Hre;s a doll.Takes after his mom does he?Of course.
When i first saw this,I thought you were in Texas.We have a Decater,not too far from here.
How was the bar b que>Great huh?
I will be in Thrifty Thursday this wk.I am doing a little better.Still waiting to hear from St louis....xount down...Ann

tardevil said...

I thought you meant Georgia for a while (shouldn't have gotten those blonde highlights today)! Congrats to your son's team! Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm still catching up on commenting too, so I know how you feel.

Tammy said...

Big Bob Gibson's is my favorite place to eat when I go visit my mom! They have THE best pies too.

Took my kids ice skating for the first time at Point Mallard on our spring break a couple weeks ago.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Thanks for taking us with you! BBQ, sounds delish right now... It's ok to be behind, I feel like I am always behind on my blog visiting! Have a great week.

Keetha said...

Hey girl - - - we've got a Decatur in Indiana too!!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

KBeau, Thank you! I am going to look up the kill deer. I see them in the lot of my supermarket. Interesting little bird. Thanks!

Kimm at Reinvented-Thanks for the sentiments. It was busym but fun. I am just having a time getting caught up between being sick and traveling with kids schedules....nothing that any mom doesnt do though. but thanks.

Mid-Atlantic Martha- Give me some vinegar,and I am a happy girl! And I will swear that it adds years to your life.

Mari is was a great weekend! The bird was so sweet. So protective of her little eggs.

Kirby3131 -well thanks for what you said about the best tour guide. I enjoy "going". Exploring...
And thanks for the advice on comments. I HATE not to comment, I feel as though I am being rude. I try to but for some reason these days it seems I am the turd in the toilet bowl. I just cannot stay afloat. LOL.

♥Trina♥ I am so glad to know that I am not the only one behind on reading my favorite blogs! I hope to get by your place very soon, friend!THX!

jennifer, We really enjoyed Big Bob Gibson's! I got a potatoe and you are Where do they grow such big taters? WOW! I thought I would have a small lunch by just getting that. WRONG!

LauraBeth,Forgive me! So sorry! I did remember you telling me to go on a roadtrip. You were right on!
I didnt have the chicken tato (vegetarian) but I did have a stuffed with all but bacon. HUGE! And DELISH! I would love to go back, and it isnt to far. JUst say when on the roadtrip...I am ALWAYS game!

♥georgie♥ -I hope you are feeling better friend. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the sentiments.

Susan in the Psych Ward you must go in May to Big Bob's!

ann, I wondered the same thing! Bama is a good kid. I am proud of him. Thanks! You wernt the only one thinking Decatur someplace else...apparently there are a few Decatur's. LOL! I look forward to seeing you in Thrifty Thursday this wk. Let me know when you hear from St louis,Ann.

tardevil You werent the only one! LOL. I guess everyone got highlights. Nahh...How are you feeling? I really am excited for you!Oh, and thanks for the kind words.

Tammy I didnt get the pie. I was trying to be good, Next time, I will have to try one. Chocolate of course! I am going to take my kids back and try out the park. I would love to pitch a tent and just enjoy for the weekend.

Misti of Studio M Designs I am glad to have you "ride" along! There's always room for a friend! Thanks!

Keetha- you too! There is many Decatur's!I know you are having fun where you are NOW! Jealous!

Chandy said...

Congratulations to Bama's team! And that yummy destination? Mmmm... maybe I should invest in some sauce and shirts, it sounds too yummy to wait until I can get there, lol!

LauraBeth said...

Dang -I forgot about the meat thing! Oh well, next time you go back up there, take me with you - I'm the best Decatur tour guide you'll ever find!

Almost forgot, check out Tammy Eddy's shop on Bank St. next time you go - you'll be in HEAVEN!

Keetha said...

I just gotta tell ya - - - your "Roll Tide" picture is making me HOMESICK for football season!!! I can watch the end of NCAA basketball, but now there is the LONG interminable period until FOOTBALL begins again.