Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Live Blog

Waiting for American Idol to cue up.
Because of last week's judges save (Matt), tomorrow night two contestant will be voted off.
Tonight's theme is disco. Umm, hmm...my kinda night!

Lil gets the night started with Chaka Khan's (so butchered the spelling of her name) song, "I'm Every Woman". Lil has really slipped the last few weeks. Tonight is no different. While her version of the song wasn't bad, it was just average. Not a standout performance. I didn't hear any standout vocals. (Oh, boy, Lil's Momma does NOT like what she hears.) Lil looks so sad. Paula just mentioned Lil was not feeling good. Simon just told Lil that he thinks she will go home tomorrow night. I have to agree.

(Hi Derek!)
Kris waits in the wings as we go to commercial.
Kris is singing "She works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer. Interesting choice.
Love the Latin sound. A bit of Latin (something like Santana) mixed with a bit of Kenny Loggins. I can dig that. It has a real acoustic sound. I really am enjoying it. He has made his own version really slick. A bold move, but one that I think worked. Go Kris! Great control, great sound. Really, I think Kris is the underdog in this contest. He's my favorite, aside from Allison.

Allison and Danny are coming up after the break.
I agree Derek, And Lil, no....really (sadly), you didn't miss a thing.

Danny is singing Earth, Wind and Fire's. "September". Oh, I like this song....A good song, but a safe choice for Danny. It really doesn't showcase his vocals. I do like the change in the arrangement though. I hated that I couldn't really enjoy that Danny growl in this song. It was a good performance, but again, not a standout.

(Welcome, Kristin. Kristin didn't like Lil tonight, not even a 'lil")

Allison is doing a very different "Hot Stuff"(Donna Summer, whom I love). A rocking version. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I love the edginess she put into this song. I love her voice. She is feeling this song. Sing, it! Tone on.
Really judges? I liked it. I liked the change in the arrangement, she made it Allison. I really enjoyed it.

(Derek, you and I both. I too am agreeing with Simon, although usually I do. Last week, we not.)
Commercial break.

(Welcome, Becky! Glad to have you join in. Cool story. He appears that way)

Adam is doing "If I Can't Have You".....He is back to his Kurt Russel appearance. Adam is changing up the arrangement to a sultry, sexy song. He is really connecting with the song, I can say that. Pouring his heart into it. His lower register vocals have a BREAD sound. It was ok for me. Interesting. His vocals were good, the arrangement was bold. It was a good performance. Original.

(I think we all agree tonight with Adam's performance tonight. yeah!)

Matt is doing the BeeGee's song, "Staying Alive". He is bringing a little funk to it. I like the arrangement. His falsetto is Bee Gee on. Bee Gee's...it was my first concert. I think it was a good move. Well done. Very well done. It got my toes tapping.

(Here we go, Simon and I disagree...Desperate? Nahhhh..Derek, looks like you and Simon ARE on the same page . I liked it. I agree, it wasn't to differnt from the original. I agree, it wasnt the standout of the night, but I did enjoy it.
Bye Kristin! Thanks for dropping in while you could. )

We are back from commercial now with Anoop. Anoop is singing another Donna Summer song of the night, "Dim All the Lights". He is changing the arrangement.....Anoop can sing. His vocals sound good. Anoop is good with ballads. I missed much of it though because my son and I were arguing about student housing/college. I do love his "new look".

(Derek, LOL! I like Anoop too. I think he can sing. I think his new look tonight looks more believable of a "idol")

Top performances based on tonight: Kris, Allison and Adam
I believe that Lil and Anoop will go home tomorrow night. I hate it too, I think Anoop is good, but I don't think he has the fans that some of the others might have. Lil has run her course.

Thanks friends, for joining in! I am changing over to DWTS.
Night y'all!


Derek said...

Hey Leigh! I'm running late tonight, but here I am!

Derek said...

I thought Kris did a good job. Very groovy! The judges sure loved him though.

I missed Lil.

Kirby3131 said...

I didn't like Lil's performance. not even a little. I expect her to be going home tomorrow.

Kris was real good. I'm surprised. I was thinking he might be sent home last week.

Derek said...

I really do like Danny. And he's not doing a totally bad job. But something's not there. I love the song. But I'm not feeling him tonight. Hmmm... let's see what the judges think.

Derek said...

This is scary. Simon and I are agreeing.

Kirby3131 said...

I agree with you Derek. I didn't hear the passion. Although Randy seems to like it. (I'm a few minutes behind on the DVR)

Derek said...

You sing it, Allison! I just like this chick a lot! Wow what an ending!

Kirby3131 said...

HaHa Leigh - "lil" haha I liked Allison's performance. How old is she? It's amazing.

Becky said...

Hey Leigh,

LUV, LUV, LUV Kris Allen! Of course he's not only from Arkansas, but I've actually seen him in real person (we get our hair cut at the same salon) and he seems to be a REAL person!

Derek said...

Paula loves her some Adam. I do too. He's kicking butt again tonight! I think he's going on all the way.

Kirby3131 said...

This hardly seems like disco night with all of these interesting arrangements.

Well, I think Adam's performance was truly amazing.

Derek said...

Oh, Matt. I don't think you're gonna Stay Alive after that one. Nope.

Kirby3131 said...

My husband talked through this entire performance, so I'm not really sure about how he did tonight. He talked about his hat LOL

I have a meeting online in just a few minutes, so I might not get back for Anoop. :)

Thanks Leigh for Live Blogging this, I enjoyed it once again! :) :)

Derek said...

Ok Leigh. I know you love Anoop. So I'm not gonna say anything at all.

Derek said...

Once again, this was fun! Thanks Leigh!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We just got home from Margarita gril... so I am late tuning in. Thank goodness for TvO!

Which 2 are going home?

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Sandi-I believe that Lil and Anoop will go home tomorrow night. I hate it too, I think Anoop is good, but I don't think he has the fans that some of the others might have. Lil has run her course.Who kows, It may be Matt. Last week may have only prolonged the inevitable.
Margaria Grill....YUM! Hope you said his to RJ and Javier for me! They know me as "the corn girl" they will have to explain. LOL!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hey Leigh- I haven't been keeping up like I should, but actually got to watch it tonight. Loved Allison, she did awesome! Adam is great, and I love that song, but I was not feeling it. I thought Simon was going to crush him, but nooooooooooooooo. Loved him. I was so wrong!

Don't forget the link party tomorrow night if you can squeeze it in! Have a safe trip if I forget to tell you...


Anonymous said...

I agree with all you had to say about all the contestants. After Lil and Anoop go, I'm not sure who will be next. This is a pretty talented group this year.

Kirby3131 said...

I'm watching the send off - hope you are, too so I don't ruin it for you, but I'm in total shock that Allison is in the bottom three. Good Grief!

Nomad said...

i'm still pulling for Danny, though I admit he needs to turn it up a notch at this point in the competition

Lori E said...

Well ya calls 'em hows ya sees 'em.
Adam all the way. Isn't it just a formality at this point?