Monday, February 9, 2009


I had some business to take care of recently in Tuscaloosa. Namely, making certain that my son, Bama will indeed be attending Bama and that all necessary forms have been filled in with t's crossed and i's dotted. Seems he now has housing. I have said it before, but it seems so strange to me, the thought that he will not be at the kitchen table as we dine as a family next year, not to mention sleeping under our roof. Where does time go?
The trip did afford some luxuries, like being able to pay a "housecall" to my cousin, Ronny, who works on the athletic staff.

It was great to see Ronny. I have kicked myself since leaving his office, for not getting that photo op. I was most impressed with his office, which was beautifully and tastefully decorated in Bama style. Again...I forgot pictures.

After our nice visit with Ronny we headed to Northport, to check out some consignment and antique stores.

Northport is home of the fabulous Kentuck arts and crafts festival. This shop has arts and crafts for sale year round.

Northpost also has some great eatery's, like The Globe.

We came across this cute little home turned antique store.
Charming from the outside. I am such a sucker for doors. Look at these beauties with stained and beveled glass.

Inside was equally as charming with a bevy of antiques from furniture to dishes to lamps and decorative items.

I liked this colorful painting, which I am certain was not an antique. I like it's funky and ecletic vibe.

This room had alot of antique and vintage costume jewelry, which seems to catch my eyes these days. I go through phases of what does. Some days dishes, others pottery. Today, it was costume jewelry.

After shopping, we set out sights on eating. While the Globe offers some great food, we opted to give the City Cafe a try. I had heard many great things about the City Cafe. If crowds are in indication, the city cafe was certain to have something delicious.

We didn't have to wait to long to be seated. We jumped at the seats at the counter, which only lended itself to that hometown city diner feel. I love the feel and atmosphere of the cafe. It was filled with college students who, no doubt, were looking for a meal reminiscent of momma's, as well as soccer moms, working stiffs, country folks, ....and at least one or two bloggers looking for a post.

Besides the interesting and varied mix of people, The City Cafe served an eclectic mix of food, but what it is known for is a "meat and three". Which is what my mother and I ordered. My mom got the hamburger steak with onions, pintos, fried okra, creamed corn and cornbread. I ordered the vegetable plate with my choices of salad, corn and the good 'ol standby comfort food of mac and cheese.

We both liked the food. As we were preparing to leave, I turned around from the barstoll, to see some more familiar faces.....more family! It was my cousins, The Donaldson's, from Jasper.
If you get a chance, be sure to check out the quaint little town that is Northport. You might run into some familiar faces.....and you might just find some bargains, but guaranteed you are in for a good meal in almost every restaurant.
Finally, a little shout out to some folks that either I saw or Big Daddy saw this weekend, who delurked to say that they read this litle old blog....Hey to Joy G., Ron, Mike and Viv. Thanks for reading. That's a hoot!
Have a great day!


Kirby3131 said...

I love that you got all those pictures of the city and none of your cousin - I'd totally do the same thing LOL

Northport looks like a real nice place to visit. Are you sure this isn't a vacation blog? I always find a new place I want to visit!

Mari said...

You have the best places to visit around you - with the cutest shops! Looks like you got business taken care of and had fun too! :)

Lulu said...

My son just left for ABAC (in Tifton) around the first of January. It really is different not having him here, but he really is enjoying the college life and being out from under the rule and thumb of Mother!

Mmm...the food looks amazing!! Especially the creamed corn...

Bama Belle said...

What a great trip!
Love the pictures! I know you are excited, eager, worried and sad about the events coming with Bama! At least we don't live far from T-town and you can be there quickly if need be!

Melanie said...

I love City Cafe! I used to eat there alot while I attended Bama!

"J" said...

Sounds like a FUN FUN FUN trip!!!! =)

♥georgie♥ said...

I love lil towns like this!!! I felt like i was right there with you...and that cafe food looks delish!

Valarie Lea said...

You have such a fun time when you go out!

Shannon said...

What a neat little town! I would have loved to go to those antique shops.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Great photos Leigh. It sounds like a perfect day!

Tammy said...

OMG and you didn't call me???? City Cafe!!!

Next time, I better get some sort of notification, ma'am. ;-)

jennifer said...

Awesome tour of Northport. I worked there when Bryan and I lived in Tuscaloosa. Sadly I don't remember much about the city - SO long ago. I would love to go back for the day to that area and just ride around and look. Tuscaloosa was a happy time for us!

LauraBeth said...

Great pics of Northport! I still have great memories of lunch @ City Cafe, and TJ & I finally made it to Kentuck this year. Bean loved it!

♥Trina♥ said...

Oh, to be getting ready to go to Tuscaloosa again!

Is your cousin Ronny Robertson? If so, he and my husband have gone turkey hunting together down close to Brewton. He gave us Club passes at a basketball game a few years back.