Sunday, January 4, 2009

"My Home" on Pecan Street

It's official (in my dream world). I have found our retirement abode. Though, our retirement is not for another fourteen years (and counting). I'd love to start packing boxes at this very moment, if it'd get me in this home any faster.
But, I do, I just love this place. I am NOT a fussy woman. I really do not like alot of "cluttered" decor. I don't need a big huge home, my heart belongs to cottage style. Coastal cottage. And this is it!
Come on in, I will give you a tour....

Don't you love the look of that sidewalk? It's as if it has been around for a century.
As does the home....but it's brand new. It's classic bungalow design, with all modern conveniences.

I can see myself drinking a cold frosty glass of sweet tea or lemonade on the front porch. I imagine that I am getting lost in a good Hemingway book. Would you prefer a glass?

Don't you love the natural landscaping? Little upkeep. That's Big Daddy's dream. He is not a yard man. There are some beautiful palms in the lot, as well as some magnolia that you can smell from the front porch. There are also a couple pecan trees. Perfect for harvesting pecans for a slice of pie.
It's as if the home was just plopped down into the greenery. Like in the Wizard of Oz. But, no fear, there is no hidden witch here.
It's all good.
But you know, with my sense of humor, that I AM going to add this little doorstop to the base of the house.
I love a bit of whimsy. And reason to laugh.

Can't you see it there, tucked behind the low shrubs?LOL!

Come on your step.

Here is the entry. It looks into the living room. I love the bungalow archway and pillars! Classic.

Check out the Chicago brick fireplace, to warm a fall evening when the wind might whip off of the water.

The windows let in alot of natural light.

Across from the living room is the formal dining room. I'll be serving freshly grilled blackened snapper here to our dinner guest. It's really fresh. I just pulled it in this morning, while Big Daddy slept in.

Simple elegance. No fru-fru. All Leigh.
Here is the fabulous kitchen...

Great use of counter space! And I love the pot rack that is easily accessible to fry up some corn fritters and hushpuppies.

Don't you love the tumbled tile back splash?

I haven't decided if I want to keep the natural oak cabinetry or go for something that is painted a ivory or black and aged as if it's been here forever.
LOL! I sound as if I am moving in tomorrow.

The back splash behind the stove is beautiful too.

There are three bedrooms in this home. Hardwoods throughout. Vaulted ceilings.
Take a look at the beautiful bathroom with it's intricate stonework:

Stone detail as a "chair rail" style border, as well at the base around the shower.
And a girls dream of a walk in closet. Big Daddy....all you need are a pair of board shorts. No sharing this space. Sorry.
Ahhh. Isn't that sweet?
What? Are you hyperventilating?
Come on, lets go out back for some fresh air....
The back porch space is covered but open. Again, more use of the stone in the walkways.
I puffy heart the transom windows. I actually convinced my parents to install these in their own home. It was a great idea. The transom's really let the light in.
Here is the pool area.
I will be serving my signature strawberry mojito's by the pool daily at happy hour.
That's five 'o'clock somewhere.
Y'all come.

Behind the green privacy fence is a storage space-or "pout house" for Big Daddy where he can store his tools. Or go and "out" when he gets in the dog house. Every man needs a pout house.
This home is just a block from the bay in Fairhope. It's a hop, skip and jump. And come Jubilee, it will take me no time to run from the house with my net and cooler to scoop up another day's bounty. If you haven't seen this natural phenomenon, it really is something that will leave you in wonder. And thinking up some great seafood recipes....all at the same time.
Y'all come for supper, won't you?
Ummm, hmm.....just another fourteen years and counting....


Mari said...

What a gorgeous place! I want to retire there too!

Keetha said...

Why are you waiting to retire???? Why not move there now?

Kirby3131 said...

No no no - you just put up the picture of MY future home. It is gorgeous!!!! Thanks so much for the tour. I'm drooling.

Rick said...

Congratulations Leigh, your name was drawn for a free copy of one of my doodles.

Please take some time to surf through my blog and choose which particular doodles of mine that you would like a copy of.

As I said in my contest rules, your possible choices don't include one of the personal caricatures that I have drawn, but DO INCLUDE any one of the many other illustrations I have posted there.

Let me recommend that you choose one of the color illustrations that I've posted, but the choice is entirely up to you. Many of those illustrations were posted back in the early days of my blog.

You can e-mail your decision to me and give me an address to mail your doodles at this e-mail addresss.

I look forward to hearing from you.


The Hickman's said...

Beautiful- I hope it comes true some day!!

jennifer said...

GORGEOUS!! My Oldest Daughter wants to settle in Fairhope. She adores that city.

Thank you for the tour of your retirement home!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

All I can say is WOW! Can I come visit?

Valarie Lea said...

I knew it! I said that has to be in Fairhope, cause that is where I want to retire to as well!!!

What if we all just retired to Fairhope! Think of the fun we could have. :)

Trina said...

I love it! I think it would look pretty good on Smith Lake...

justabeachkat said...

I love love love Fairhope. I was just there recently with my Mom and Aunt. We try to go a few times a year. It's close enough for us to take a day trip when we can.

Love the house!

Congrats on winning one of Rick's drawings. Lucky you!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh my goodness gracious, WHAT are you waiting for? Girlfriend, get on the truck and get there as FAST as you can! What an amazingly awesome home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT, LOOOOOOVE IT!


♥georgie♥ said...

can we be sisters?

Anonymous said...

Ooo... that is beautiful! I love, love cottages!

Nicolle said...

I love the house! I think planning and dreaming is the best part. And you definitely could make it happen!

"J" said...

Let me know when you move!!! I'm coming with yall!!!! Make room for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

It's sooooooooooooooooo very pretty!!!!!!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

DREAMING is good for the soul. Keep it up. What a great place.

Stop by soon to see What's Cookin'.