Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meets, Eats, Thrifty Treats...and Shutters.

Friday is a big day! Helena Bloggers are having a morning and evening get together! I am so excited to go and mingle with some of the greatest bloggers, many of who are or have become good friends (through blogging). If you are a Helena Blogger, and didn't get the memo, PLEASE email ASAP me so you can be included! (Jen,DBH/Honorable Helena blogger-drive on up)

After the Bloggers get together, is another great event.......let me preface this to say....I puffy heart Waffle House. It holds special memories of days of the past (my adolescence), and even days of the present (with family and their friends). There is a new Waffle House in my area that will be opening next week. But today, is a special friends and family day, open only to friends and family. I got a special invite! My cousin manages several area Waffle Houses so I made the list. Woot! Breakfast, or lunch-whatever the case, is on him! Yes......

Thursday afternoon I snapped away on my camera to get shots of the room redo.....and now the pictures have vaporized! J. Smooth is asleep in his room as I type this so I can't go in now and shoot more pictures....but DO check back later today. I will post the shutters and more projects from the room redo.

In the meantime, visit my friends who have some things going on over at their blogs:
Domestic Fashionista-Grand Openeing of her Etsy store! You can find details and enter her giveaway can win an item from her Etsy shop...your choice!


You KNOW I love to thrift! SongbirdTiff is hosting a fun little thing at her place...."Good Stuff" Thursdays . Link up to posts showing the great bargains found over the course of the week. Bargains include, but are not limited to...
Thrift store finds
Shopping the house (re-purposing what you have, not buying new)
Great sale shopping (i.e. cheap or free stuff from retail stores)
Freecycle and Craigslist finds

Obviously, I havent gotten my post together yet for this SOngtiff's "Good Stuff"...I may have to wait for next week, but it IS forthcoming.

Be sure to visit these fun blogs! Tell them Leigh/Bloggeritaville sent you!

Until then,
May you eat pancakes! (wink)
(come back after lunch time for shutters...)


jennifer said...

Have fun at your bloggers social and take pics!! Sounds like SO much fun.

As for driving up? I have to clean my stupid garage tomorrow... it seems that I have spent half of my life cleaning out garages. The next house we buy? A BASEMENT - no garage!! I don't think folks EVER have to clean those things out.

Hug Charnita and Bama Belle for me!!

♥georgie♥ said...

How cool about the bloggy meet up-us okies are having a meet N greet tonight as well....

OHHHHH waffle house I so ♥ waffle house...omgosh i am starving now

SJ said...

I enjoyed meeting you all there this morning(it was like meeting old friends you've never met IRL. corny but true.) I think my photo was snapped. Please remember my semi-anonymous stature (I am "SJ" in the blogging world, plain and simple--even with my photo used) and I'd be most appreciative. In other words, keep my IRL name under your hat. :)

Songbirdtiff said...

Hey! Thanks for linking up. I'll certainly look forward to seeing what thrifty goodies you have to share in coming weeks.

justabeachkat said...

Hmmmmm...pancakes. My mouth has suddenly starting watering....wonder why?!


HotRod said...

As I'm sure Hewy told you, I really wanted to come but I didn't make it back to Helena until after 8:30. I hope I can make the next one. How about lunch at the Depot one day?

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I guess Pelham is on the other side of the tracks...
Next time we might need to do the tri-metro area.