Friday, November 21, 2008

Frontera Pottery, Furniture & Gifts

I have fallen in love with a tree. A wall tree. I know, I know, just like a girl to fall in love with such. But this one has understated elegance, it-uh, lights my fire, I guess you could say. Actually it does. This tree takes up one entire wall of the restuarant. It has these branches that extend out, as most trees do, and on them are candles aglow everywhere. It is quite a site. There are several on a wall at the local Mexican restaurant, Iguana Grill. I am plum ashamed to say that I haven't a single picture of this metal "tree". I guess that I will have to go back and eat there very soon for the sake of securing a photo (throwing the back of my hand against my head), Oh! The sacrifices one will make for a picture. But! Alas! I will do it!!
Now, back to this tree...
I would love to have one for an outdoor room. I asked the manager, he had a Mexican woman, who is a decorator, flown in from Mexico to make the decor authentic and elegant. Elegance is hard to find in most Mexican restaurants, ya know. Anyway, he had no clue as to where the trees could be found, other than to say he had everything shipped from Mexico.

So, began my search for the iron work tree. My search lead me to Frontera. Frontera specializes in hand-crafted forged wrought iron furniture and accessories. Frontera Iron Furniture Stores offers a wide selection of accents for your home: dining room, kitchen, tables, chairs, patio and garden. In addition, we have an outstanding selection of hand painted imported Mexican, Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan and Talavera pottery. At Frontera, they can also hand make pieces. It's quite a place for eye candy!

Just take a look around in the building....

Crosses from Mexico:

Outside in back sits a handmade child's table, made from metal, just ready for a tea party:

Pots & Planters and Stakes, oh! my!

Beautiful pots in which to fill:

And how about this metal lobster:

Actually, it was the goat I adored. He would look fabulous in my herb garden. Be still my heart!

Fleur de lis:

But, yet to wall tree. The owner told me that he could make it, but I didn't even want to inquire. I imagine it might get costly. And really, Big Daddy will think I have flipped my lid. So, I guess I will just have to keep longing from a distance for my wall tree. And really, I guess that it might look kind of crazy, this huge tree, somewhere in my house. But a girl can dream.

If you want to check out Frontera
Frontera Iron
Birmingham Store

3022 3rd Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233
P: 205-320-1900
F: 205-320-1909

Hoover Store
3988 Lorna Road
Hover, Alabama 35244
F: 205-987-2634


"J" said...

Next time you are in the Mex Rest take a pic for us!!! You never know...I live near Houston which is half Mexico...opppsss...did I say that!!! Well, it is!!!!

Mari said...

What a cool place. It looks like a person could spend hours there!
PS - guess what came yesterday? My plaques. They are beautiful! I'm going to have some happy gift receivers this year. Thanks so much for the tip and the help in finding them!

Leigh said...

Jeannie- I will! Thanks!

Mari- Yeah! I can't wait to hear what the recipients have to say about them. I adore mine! So glad I could help.

Derek said...

Our Frontera here in Tuscaloosa closed. :( I didn't know there were others in B'ham. We are suckers for those places.

I'm gonna have to look for that tree in Iguana Grill. I'm always sidetracked by all those tin stars with the lights in them. I want those for the trees in our backyard.

Derek said...

I got my plaques day before yesterday. They are awesome! Thanks for the tip!

Valarie Lea said...

Oh I am gonna have to come down there!

Trina said...

Why have I not heard of this place? I have worked downtown for years! I love all the Mexican crosses!

Leigh said...

Derek- You and I both! I would love those tin stars too. They are so gorgeous. The ambiance in there is great. I told my son Bama he needs to take a date there....

Valarie- Come on! Call me! Well go to t lunch and shop.

Trina- I wasn't actually aware of the downtown location until I looked it up online. You'll have to check that one out and let me know about it. I visited the Hoover store, which is closer to my house. The Mexican crosses are gorgeous!

...And I ADORE the Mexican manger scenes and the Virgin Mary scenes decopoged to wood....there is a name for these and I cannot recall. ZINNIA? What is it? LOVE it!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love Frontera. I could get into some real trouble there!

Zinnia said...

I'm not sure but I think you may be refering to "Retablos", they are also called "laminas". Hope one of those is the word you were looking for, if not let me know and I'll ask my mom and grandma

giants fan said...

my grandmother used to have a headboard that was a metal tree.

giants fan said...

my grandmother used to have a headboard that was a metal tree.

Anonymous said...