Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday!!!!!!

**Did you make it to the virtual baby shower for blogger Jessica McCash yesterday? That was such fun! There were some great words of advice, some great recipes and alot of love, support and congratulations offered up to the McCash Family. If you didn't have a chance to swing by yesterday and leave a message-it's never to late. Just click on the link above and it will take you to the post...or just scroll down! I want to thank everyone for "attending". I know it must mean alot to Jessica and David and their families. Once again, I appreciate the most generous sponsors of the virtual baby shower that showered Jessica with some great gifts. It was alot of fun!

**Today is the day! The most delightful celebrity dance partner from Dancing with the Stars, Marlee Matlin is in town and is planning to join in participating in the Latin Cardio class that I attend, led my her DWTS dance partner-and my pal-Fabian Sanchez. You are guaranteed fun if you join for today's class. Class is $10.00 and last one hour. Class begins promptly at 10:30 AM at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Hoover, Alabama.

**Be sure to check out the Festivals going on during the month of October. Whether you live in Alabama, or plan to visit, you will want to see all that is in store. Wednesday was the opener for the 411 Garage sale. It extends from along the old Stagecoach route of Hwy 411 from Leeds, AL to Newport, TN. I drove a small piece of 411 yesterday and saw some activity, but I imagine nothing like it will be today though the weekend. I did have the opportunity to stop into one of my new found favorite clothing stores, The Straw Hat, of Leeds. Let me just say, that it would be worth it to drop by if you happen to be driving through town for the yard sale. Store owners, Randa and Charlene are having one heck of a sale on their amazing fashions. They even have a $10.00 rack and a $20.00 rack (some of these clothes on these racks retail for close to and upwards of $100.00). In addition to these sale racks all summer merchandise is clearanced to 50% and 75 % off! These are among brands such as Tribal and French Dressing.
I picked up these cute things for a steal:
A "French Dressing" Sweater originally for $64, I got for $10.00

This cute "wrap look" black and white geometric print top (love the fabric-comfy and slimming), also "French Dressing" originally priced at $55.00 was 75% off.

Bentley A. Chocolate Brown Jacket originally priced for $ 140.00. I got for $20.00!

And it looks so cute with my "new" (vintage, from Loveman's Chattanooga) fedora hat that I got for free....from my friend Diva, who knows that I love hats! This hat is so cool and looks so cute with this jacket! (Thanks, Diva!)

Can't get by the store? Randa and Charlene's web site offers online ordering! I heard them say that they shipped an item to Australia recently-so if you have mail delivery-you too can be so lucky. Questions? Go to the web site or call them direct. They are great about answering any questions you might have. Please, tell them that Leigh sent cha!
(If my cousin Beckie is reading this post...this store has your name written all over it!)

**The Quilt Walking Tour will conclude over the weekend. I usually do not do weekend post, but there is still many things to mention from my time in Collinsville....and many historical houses to walk through. Join me as I walk you back into history by touring some of the most beautiful homes with gorgeous quilts displayed throughout. I can just imagine the history that happended in these homes...and I am determined to bring it to you. I have the scoop on the homes!

**Be sure to tune in next week-I will have pictures from the Latin Cardio class...perhaps I will finally find my groove (ha! sure.....highly unlikely). well as a super cool contest for Halloween.... A costume contest!
I noticed that my blogger friend Shannon at Bless our Nest is hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest and the ever creative Hewy usually (hint, hint) host a spooky house decor contest (Hewy's contest is limited to Helena residents) so there is alot of fun and Halloween related contest out there. Fun Times in October! Details on the Bloggeritaville costume contest will post next week so be sure to come back over to the island to check it out.

As for Me....I am putting on my dancing shoes to see if I can give Marlee Matlin a run for her money....(yeah, right!) I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Go! Do something fun! Life is short.

(Even you, my dear Big Daddy....who has a date with WarHammer Online this weekend. I Heart you! Have fun)


"J" said...

I love love love Halloween!!!!! =) It's soooooooooooooooo COOL you are hosting a contest!!!! I just picked out my costume on Wednesday! I love love love to dress up!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have a BLAST at your dance class today!!!!! Sounds like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

What a deal on the Chocolate Brown Jacket!!!! When you get tired of it (which is highly unlikely)...send it my way! I love it!!!!! =) I also like the black top!!!! Great shopping sister!

The 411 Garage sale sounds amazing! I wished we had something like that here in Texas! Does it cause a major traffic jam?!?! Seems like it would?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!! Ours will be spent UNPACKING!!! =)

Terri said...

I may not make it to dance today. I've been fighting a migraine all week and baking for the Bluff park Art show and I have to get some work in there somewhere!

Jennifer said...

Cool blog! I visited yesterday for Jessica's virtual shower and wanted to visit again!

I love the paintings you and your friends did! Were they canvas? Adorable!!!

I'm heading to the Celebration Disney liquidation sale. It's sponsored by the town of Celebration and they have all sorts of Disney items at great savings. I guess it helps that the town is sponsored by Disney World! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the shout out!

You got some great deals on some CUTE clothes! I want to go there!!

Bama Belle said...

Hey Doll,
I am thinking of you as I assume you are with Marlee right now. I hope you are having a blast!

Leigh said...

Hey J- We have to much in common, girl! LOL! Maybe that is why God put us so far geographically....we'd get into trouble. LOL. Yes, the gargae sale does cause a traffic issue at times, but its just part of it. Some are spread apart and it isnt as bad out in the country. I was happy with my clothes. DOnt just work work know what they say about that J!

Terri- You were sorely missed! I cannot believe you didnt come and do a side by side comparision! Girl!!

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you returning. The paintings were done on canvas. We used oil based paint (I think). I know it dried pretty fast? I have heard that Celebration is such a cool place. I wanted to go when we were down last fall but time didnt allow. Next time. I here Celebration is so cool in teh fall with the decor. Enjoy your sale!

Shannon- you bet! Come on girl.....and I want to join you at Oops!

Hey there Bama Belle-I had a wonderful time this Am. I appreciate you thinking about me. UR sweet!We did have a good time. THX!