Thursday, September 25, 2008

Join Us for a Virtual Baby Shower for Baby McCash!

My bloggy friend, Jessica McCash and her husband David are having a baby boy!

Jessica is 32 weeks pregnant and eagerly expecting the arrival of a baby boy!
The name has been chosen:
"Harbor William. We love that Harbor means "a place of refuge and safety", and William is a family name on both sides. Yes, Harbor as in a boat "harbor". We love the beach, what can we say?? " says Jessica.

The nursery is ready for little Harbor:

Now all that's left to do is to celebrate while we wait!

Join me as I host a virtual "Bloggy Baby Shower" for Jessica and David on Thursday, October 2.

Right here in Bloggeritaville.

Be sure to come back on that date.... joining us in this cyber-celebration with your good wishes, sage advice or other message by posting a comment, email, or card would mean so much! If you care to, please include several of your friends by forwarding them the invitation you received or the link to this blog.
Join us as we celebrate the expected arrival of Harbor William.

In the meantime, Grab the Bloggy Button (the first button I have EVER done, so excuse it) and post it on your blog through October 2, 2008. Jessica has alot of friends out there in the blogisphere and we want everyone to be able to participate!

See you then!


The Hickman's said...

You are the sweetest! I didn't even know you could have an on-line baby shower!!

"J" said...

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo on this!!!!!! =) I already got her address so I could mail her a little something~something! =)

She is going to make a GREAT mom!!!!!

"J" said...

I'm a DORK....
I don't know how to get the button? I need the code! Will you email it to me?!?! Please!!! =)

giants fan said...

very cute button!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my word! This is the nicest thing EVER!!!! Thank you. I'm in tears. Seriously. : )

Harris Family said...

The cutest idea...ever!!!

Jettie said...

I have never participated in this beofre but Iam in!!