Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Troll Poll Food

Speaking of food: Da Troll asked for me to post on my blog, you can play along too:

1) Copy this list onto your blog, including these instructions.
2) Mark the items you’ve eaten with a "+".
4) Let us know when you've posted the list, so we can compare!
5) Have fun!

Was kind of surprised how many times I said NO and how many things I never heard of.

1. Venison no
2. Nettle tea No
3. Steak tartare no
4. Alligator no
5. Black pudding no
6. Raclette no
7. Natto no
8. Carp No
9. Borscht no
10. Baba ghanoush no
11. Calamari no
12. Pho no
13. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Yes
14. Allo gobi No
15. Dirty water dogs from a street cart No
16. Epoisses de Bourgogne no
17. Black truffle no
18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes no
19. Steamed pork buns No
20. Green tea ice cream No
21. Ugli fruit Yes
22. Fresh, wild berries Yes
23. Foie gras no
24. Gumbo no
25. Head cheese No
26. Raw habanero Yes
27. Dulce de leche no
28. Raw oysters no
29. Baklava Yes
30. Bagna cauda no
31. Wasabi peas Yes
32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl No...well a sourdough bowl, does that count?
33. Salted lassi no
34. Kim chee no, I am not a head hunter.
35. Kangaroo No
36. Cognac (with a fat cigar) no
37. Clotted cream Yes
38. Jello shots No
39. Buttermilk straight no. In a recipe, yes.
40. Oxtail no
41. Curried goat No
42. Insects No
43. Phaal no
44. Goat's milk No
45. Whiskey that cost more than $200 a bottle No
46. Fugu No
47. Chicken tikka masala No
48. Eel No
49. Warm Krispy Kreme original glazed donut Yes
50. Sea urchin roe No

Troll, what do you take me for? A carnivorous type? OOOOHHHH, but NOOOOOO.
Even if I was that, I am still picky. Half , no, more than half I do not know what it is. And it just sounds gross. Where are the carbs?


giants fan said...

a recognized a lot of Asian food in there!

we eat pho all the time!

The Troll said...

I said No or had never heard of a lot too. That Poll is all over the internets. Apparently, it was in an English Foodie Magazine originally.

The English eat all sorts of gross stuff.

Leigh said...

Giants Fan- What is PHO?

Troll-I dont know what most of it even is...but it didnt sound good.

Bama Belle said...

Leigh I took this and posted it! I think I eat too much cause I did know most of it and have had most of it. Fairly regularly. I gave explanations.) Take care

Bama Belle said...

Hey Doll,
This is to answer your questions under my post.

Raclette is very good. It is served warmed or melted actually. It is very smooth and reminds me a lot of brie. Not that they taste the same so much as just the texture I guess

Allo gobi is middle Eastern or Indian I cannot remember honestly. But either way I bet it is what your S I L makes. They often run hand in hand. It is very good. I can make myself sick eating it.

You can make a vegetarian Gumbo, I have some recipes if you want them.

Black pudding is an English blood sausage. They cook the blood filler until it turns black and then make the sausage with it. I swear there is nothing nastier!
As far as my being brave, don't know so much about that.
My parents travel all over the world and as children they took us or brought back things for us to try. It was important to them that we be exposed to many places, foods, and cultures. It was a fun thing to do! Thanks for posting it.

Leigh said...

bama bell-I want that vegetarian gumbo recipe!