Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's in the Attic......

Something is wrong with me. Really. You have probably guessed. Susan called gave me a twisted sister award, I guess she was right. I am a bit twisted. My humor is twisted, anyway.
Recently my friend, High May moved into a new home. She has started hearing noises coming from her attic. Noises that "sound like nails clawing on her ceiling". I asked her if she could have a squirrel in her attack. "No. Bigger". It sounds HUGE!" I asked her if she had been up to investigate. "Oh, H$^*# No!" was replied emphatically. Apparently she did send her hubby up to take a look, but he claims he saw nothing. Perhaps it was convenient timing. He didn't want to be up in a 150 degree attack looking for a "Huge critter".

Yesterday I had to run into World Market and saw that they had their Halloween Decor up and ready to sell. As I walked past the big rats I could only laugh out loud.....with sick thoughts to sneak one of the fakes in May's attack. I can only imagine her face when she opened the door to see these:

I know. I am twisted. I am sick.

May still hasn't gotten over seeing the 10 inch rat in my own basement. You know those ones that flop around in a trap... they are battery operated. I swear I didn't know she was coming over that day, and certainly didn't expect her to go into my basement. But I cannot express how funny it was when she got a look at my "rat" in it's trap. Doesn't everyone have one of those in their basement?
Another neighbor, Janet, was also a victim to my rat. She too went into my basement to look for wasp spray. We were out of town . She too discovered my mechanical monster and went screaming out of my house and down the street to call me to tell me that I had a "HUGE rat in my mouse trap...and it's alive!!!". Ahhhhhhhahahahaha!

Note to self.....I really need to pick up some more of those rats!


giants fan said...

that one with babies is just disturbing.

I think I will go bleach my eyes, now.

Anonymous said...

I did find a dead mouse in my attic last weekend! and of course, I freaked!
Okay Leigh- you have to join the in crowd and get on facebook- everybody else is doing it!
Find me- Jessica Leverette when you get on! Cause I know you are gonna do it!
Also, my back feels 100% better- so you should get adjusted too- It feels like night and day- I am serious- No reason to live with back pain- life is too short!

kathy said...

We had flying squirrels in our North Shelby Co. attic! I heard those things for ages and never saw anything. Happened to be on the back porch one evening and saw one come out of a teency hole by the edge of the roof. Like a one inch hole! Crazy. Ended up getting traps and all that...caught 8. Insane. Those buggers can do some damage but we were fortunate. And they carry typhoid fever. Ick.