Friday, September 12, 2008

Sesame Street Education

I met up with my friends Diva and May last night at Incahoots Restaurant. We sat out on the deck overlooking the falls on Buck Creek swapping stories. The subject that we got on was a funny one.....Sesame Street, and how it shaped and molded us as people. Of course that led to us singing the songs that we remember. Do you remember any of these?
These were the two that started the whole thing:

Go ahead sing along to these groovy lyrics,......It's Friday! Go Ahead!

Then we began recalling other vintage classics:

Remember, these are the people in your neighborhood?
And for my friend Diva, who in a picture from our recent Art Buzz reminded me of YipYip
Grover the Waiter
I remember this one from when Bama was a baby Furry Happy Monsters, Laughing......
Number 9 Cutie:
Rubber Duckie:
For my mom, who still sings this one weekly-C is For Cookie:
Count (ah, ha, ha)
sing, sing a song

What were some of your favorite Sesame Street Classic Moments?


Tammy said...

A woman after my own Sesame Street heart. Best.Show.Ever.

Love the twiddle bugs in Ernie's window too.

"J" said...

Can I just ask, "WHAT WHERE YALL DRINKING" to sign these songs!!!! lol =)

You crack me up!!!!

Leigh said...

Tammy-I knew I loved ya! And the Twiddle Bugs! How could I have forgoten to post that one! They actually were my favorite little muppet short. LOVED them and their little homes. SO cute! Thanks for bringing up a fond memory!

J- AHAHAHA! Speaking stricktly for my own beverage intake....mine was straight water from the tap with a couple lemons. That's the honest truth. That's just Leigh-ya never know. LOL!