Friday, September 12, 2008

Eye on Ike

A friend of mine, Sharon, is a full time resident of the Alabama Gulf Coast. She sent me the link to the Orange Beach web site a little bit ago showing some action in the gulf, due to Hurricane Ike, who is churning the waters even as far east as Gulf Shores, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida.

Check out the videos as well as the link to the beach web cam on my distraction list on my sidebar, as well as my web site listings(also sidebar).

Lastly, Prayers go out to all residents living in Texas area effected my Hurricane Ike. This includes my blogger friend, J of Musings from Left field who is planning to ride out the storm in her home 45 minutes north of Galveston. (click onto J's blog to read what she is saying about Ike)
As well as my friend Randy (who in Houston)

who is also staying put in his home.
I ask you to please say a prayer for J & for Randy and for everyone who is the pathway of Ike. May you all be safe. Godspeed.

Our prayers are with you.


"J" said...

Thank you so much Leigh!!!!! =) Thank you for your kind thoughts, kind words and prayers!!!!

Love you sister!!!!


I will keep you posted on Ike! Well, at least as long as I have power!!!! =)

We still aren't getting the winds or rain but I know it's coming!

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo freaking MAD at my dad and brother! They were up on lake fork fishing ~ which is between here and Dallas! Well, they are on their way home! They left up there at 3pm after the weigh-ins were done today! =( They are on the road! Please say a BIG prayer for them! They will be getting to the house around 7'ish! Well, dad isn't going to stay at his house because of all the trees! He is coming to our apartment! So I'm guessing he won't get here till 8pm or so! We should be getting HIGH winds and HARD rain by them!!!!!!! =(

I'm sooooooooooooooo MAD at them!!!! Boy's will be Boy's!!! It's really my brother! Dad wanted to go to Paw-Paw's which is in Madisonville (they would really be safe there) but my brother wanted to come home and get his cat that lives outside (I told him I would go get him)! I think he just wants to come home to ride the storm out my my best friend Danielle which is his girlfriend!!!! lol

Please pray they make it home safe!!!!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

We're praying for your friends, Leigh and others in the path of the storm.

Mrs. Jules said...

Thanks for putting the word out...we'll be praying!

forgetfulone said...

J is a blog friend who doesn't live far from me. That's how I found your blog. We actually live closer to Galveston than she does, but she lives out where I lived (my whole life) up until 3 years ago. It took blogging to "meet" her though.

We decided to drive south for the weekend, about 170 miles south of Galveston, so we're pretty far away now, and we're on the "clean" side of the storm. I'd have rather stayed home, though. I've lived through several hurricanes, and unless you live near a waterway, the flooding isn't as bad as the news would have you think.

The worst part will actually be dealing with long power outages after the storm. At least for us. I do feel bad for all the people who are losing their homes in Galveston. This is probably the worst they've been hit since the great storm of 1900.

My kids are at their dad's house, about ten minutes from where J is, and so is my mom. I think they'll be okay. I'm counting on it. Hurricanes are horrible, but when I watch the news, I keep it in perspective that they intentionally try to create drama and they show the worst parts rather than all the places that haven't seen any damage. I do feel very sure that my family and J, who are north of the area, will be fine. Having no power will suck, but I just know they're going to be okay.

Leigh said...

J- That is crazy! I will pray for them as well. You know I am a fan of fishing....but my butt would'a been home! Hope it was worth it to them and they caught the big one. My prayers are with you and the people in the path.

Pat & Mrs. Jules- Thank you both. I know that my friends appreciate it, as do I. Prayer is so powerful. We should all pray. It looks like this one will bring much devastation.

Forgetfulone- MY prayers will be with you too. While I agree that much of the news these days lacks some authenticy and validity (sad as it is, especially in the world of politics-don't get me started) I tend to go with the old adage of batter safe than sorry. I saw first hand the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, and worse, Katrina. I pray that God will keep you safe and trust in your decision, for you kow what is best for you and your family. May God protect and keep you. Be sure and email me and let me know that you are ok.

Kirby3131 said...

Living in Florida I'm keenly aware of hurricanes and I do not take them lightly. Although I haven't ever had to evacuate, I've been packed and ready to go.

I hope that all of you who have stayed are safe. I pray that you all are safe.

Leigh thanks for posting this for strangers to come together and talk and send our good wishes.

Bama Belle said...

Leigh, I pray all will be safe. Did you see the pictures I posted a day or two ago from my Dad in Gulf Shores? They were amazing. I could not believe that was happening when Ike was still days away.

I am going to add your blog to my follow list if that is OK with you. Have a great weekend!

Keetha said...

They are majestic and beautiful in their fury in spite of the dire consequences they bring, aren't they?

I join all the others in well wishes and prayers for those in their paths.

Also this plea: FLEE!!! Go inland. Don't just sit there and wait to be obliterated.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh Prayers go out to all residents living in the Texas area effected by Hurricane Ike.