Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jerry Reed Justification

When "High May" and I planned on going to Mississippi last week to assist my friend "Diva" following the death of her mother. High May called me to ask that I put together an audio CD to listen to on the way over, something that we could leave with Diva. "Something happy", High May suggested. As it turned out my day got really wild, and I had an idea of my own to make lunch to carry over to MS so that we need to stop our cleaning up and leave to go somewhere. I chose to make the lunch and the CD didn't get burned. Later....
After our cleaning up, we talked Diva into following us back to Bama. She had not been home in a week and she really needed a break. She agreed. I rode with Diva and I told her that I had failed in the CD making in lieu of a lunch. I told her I owed her a CD. "Do you know what it would have been , Diva?" I asked. "Nope?" "Jerry Reed!". "Who???" "You know, Jerry Reed...she got the gold mine I got the shaft". Diva just looked at me. "How about Amos Moses. Come one, Ammmossss Moses!?" Still she didn't know. "When your hot your hot?...He was also the trucker in Smokey and the Bandit!" Now she knew. For the next ten minutes we discussed, ok, I discussed, my fascination with Jerry Reed-it is equivalent to that of mine for Loretta Lynn and Stevie Nicks. I convinced myself (in my heart) that I was going to go home and write Jerry a "fan" letter. "Probably the first one he's has gotten in several years..." said Flo. True, maybe, for he has been off the radar for some time, but certainly almost everyone is as enamored with Jerry Reed like Big Daddy and I are. We just love listening to his CD.

It was with great sadness when I received an email from Big Daddy yesterday stating the news that Jerry Reed had passed on. The loss is great, and really at a young age. Smoking kills, folks.

Jerry really was one of the lyrical geniuses, who laced his works with that fabulous sense of humor he possessed. He was unique. He was distinctive. He was a master of his craft. One that was largely under rated and he, I thik enjoyed being "understated". Maybe that is why I liked him so. One of those, pardon the pun, unsung hero's of country music.

Tell me you haven't heard a JR song and not gotten a laugh from it and I will call you crazy.

About the beginning of summer Da Troll thought he would start one of his great Meme's relating to all things overrated and underrated. Well, the meme fizzled out. I had already written my installment of "Underrated: Jerry Reed". I never deleted it because I had intentions of smacking it up on the blog at some point. You know....when I wasn't spouting off about something else. Anyway, I am posting the underrated under this post. Read about Reed, and if you didn't have a respect for good ole boy JR, then I suggest you go out and purchase yourself a JR CD (Best of) and laugh one of those good hearty laughs that Jerry will bring on.

We have lost a true "great". Another good one, gone to soon.
Jerry Reed 1937-2008
To read about Jerry's life click here.


The Troll said...

Excellent posts. When I read his obit, I realized I either never knew, or had forgotten, how respected he was as a musician.

He and Jim Stafford were my big faves as a kid cause of the humor. But he was MUCH more than just funny.

Kirby3131 said...

I didn't know he had died - Tears just streamed down my face when you mentioned it. I always liked his music and of course I loved him as the "snowman."

Aubrey said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I also love that bird's nest necklace.

Beach Bum said...

Thanks for the news but it blew my day all up. Years ago before country music turned into bad pop music my mom had a ton of 8-tracks of Jim Reeves, Tom T. Hall, Charlie Rich, and Jerry Reed. He was a one of a kind guy and I am still a big fan of his.

When my wife and I started dating she was in her country music "phase" which was between 92 to 96. When I played some of the old cassettes of those guys I mentioned above along with Charlie Pride, George Jones, and Johnny Cash she turned up her nose. I told her that those guys were real country singers.

Keetha said...

If I'm not mistaken, he made some really fun appearances on Sesame Street too - - - back in the day when my kids were young enough to watch it.

jennifer said...

That smile and that deep voice... I had forgotten Leigh. Thanks for the reminder from back when and I am so sorry that he has passed away.

Be blessed.


Leigh said...

Troll, you are so correct!I couldnt agree more.

Kirby-Oh, I know. I felt the same. No more "riding in the rocker" chair, huh?

Aubrey-I loved that necklace.

Beach Bum-That was the days when country musice was just that. Tom T hall----watermelon rind--who couldnt love that tune? Charlie Rich too. Love Mac Davis. Those are some good ones. My mom listened to all of that from long ago so I know those well. It was an imprint on my youth. You're right abou tthose selections!

Keetha-I think you are right about that! Seems familiar. I had forgotten.

Jen-Sure. So sad.