Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I missed DWTS on Wednesday Night.

I missed Dancing with the Stars tonight....but it was for a good reason. Big Daddy and I got to have dinner with our good friends Freddy and Zinnia Sanchez.
Sans kids, thanks to my son Bama who watched our 2 youngest ones and the sweet Fabian who took his son and 2 nephews to the fair. Yes, that fair. But he was sweet to do it and he actually enjoyed it....I saw him at the fair when I went!
We had such a great time actually able to have a uninterrupted conversation with Fred and Z! (With the exception of a phonecall from Bama who was about have it out with his preteen sister...). We met at Olive Garden for supper, so no need for a restauant review.
Fred-D and Zinnia Warrior Princess are such special friends. We just adore them. As you can see below.....that's love.
I got to finally give Freddy his birthday gift that I made for him. He would not give me permission to share the actual photo of the gift.....but it was a gag gift. My son Bama took Fred's head and put it on the body of Borat in the green thong. Surely you have seen that pic. I had the picture framed and gift wrapped. We all got a good laugh over it.
When we returned from dinner I walked in to see the very end of was the final two under the red lights of loser. Cast in the red glow was Toni Braxton and Ted McGinley. Very surprising to me. It was Ted who got the ax, seems that karma that was mentioned was dead on. Poor Ted. If you want a run down on the show, like I do, you might visit my friend Travis, who I ma certain will have the highlights from tonight's show. I also like to look up the videos on you tube. Until next week-Keep Dancing!
(And see you at Latin Cardio at Fabian's studio. Thursday and Friday morn at 10:30 AM and Tuesday night at 7PM-Tues is taught by dancer Chris. )


The Hickman's said...

How fun!! Those pictures are great- you guys are a hoot!!

"J" said...

Yall are a trip! I love the pics! It's so nice to have such GREAT friends to hang with!!!!! =)

Leigh said...

AMy and &-I am blessed.

jennifer said...

Too cute!! Freddy is so loved!