Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Celebrations

It was a weekend of celebrations! On Saturday we celebrated the birthday of my mother in law.

And on Sunday we celebrated my mother's birthday.
Both are 62 (I don't think either would mind me saying!). Happy Birthday to these two special women in my life!
Also on Sunday our good friends, the Young's, asked us to join them as their daughter Allison celebrated her baptism. Afterward we joined them at their home along with other friends and family for a BBQ lunch. Congratulations, Allison. Big Daddy and I are very proud of you!

We had Big Daddy's twin brother and his family over on Saturday to watch the Alabama game and then the Auburn game. I was so happy to see the Tide roll on, but hated it (honestly) for my husbands team, Auburn, who lost.
Somewhere in between these occasions, we squeezed my child's team sports photos and a trip to the state fair, which was a big mistake.

I am blaming my mother in law on that one. Aside from my own bad memory of a fair story, that I might share one day, there are more than a few reasons of why I am not game for a fair. I used to love it in my youth, when it all seemed so jovial and festive. Today, however, all I think of is germs, germs, dirt and germs. And honestly, I am not a judgemental person, really I am not, but I do not get a "good feel vibe" from the carny crowd. As I watched one carny with a mothers eagle eye, and as scary a world as we live in today, I couldn't help but think that this life would be a perfect one to live if one were in some seedy underground of a criminal nature. I am not saying that all carnies are this, but I cannot help but think about it.
Aside from that fact, for 4 people to get into the fair it was 40 bucks! And unfortunately, as we didn't realize, this did not include tickets to ride the rides.

We paid an additional twenty dollars for a sheet of tickets which only allowed our three kids in attendance to ride only two rides each.
Rip off!!!! We paid an additional $15.00 to allow each of them to ride the pony ride, which lasted (on a good day) one minute.
And then it was, as I heard the "cha ching" in the bank account of useless and worthless spending that it all came rushing back....I HATE THE FAIR!!!!! Give me a fall festival (if you have ever read my blog, you would know that I am all about this) but you can have the fair.
If, and that is a big IF, there was a highlight of the fair, it was that I found love in the face of a goat.

I wanted more than anything to rescue him from a carni life and take him home to my backyard where he could spend the rest of his days eating grass and leaves in the comfort of my back yard.
But sadly, it was not to be. And so we returned home: broke, dirty and irritated. But, I have now put it behind me in the form of this post, which is much cheaper than a therapy session. Live, learn and move on.
Aside from my complaints of the fair, in all, a good weekend of celebrating and being grateful.
Life is good.


Bama Belle said...

LOL Leigh I am with you. I refuse to even take mine. I compromise by a trip to six flags or AL. adventure.They cost about the same when all is said and done. They are not much cleaner but at least a little more stable

Sorry you did not have very much fun.

butterflygirl said...

Not much of a fair person either. Send those moms birthday wishes!

Tammy said...

Preach it sista'. I've never taken my kids to a fair. Sure they have the best corn dog and cotton candy, but somehow the RIP OFF factor supersedes the yummy greasy food.

I have such good memories of going to the county fair in Mobile. But times have changed.

Trina said...

Oh I have never liked the fair. It always seemed sketchy to me. LOL I'll take a day at Six Flags over a day at the fair any day! Sorry ya'll had such a horrible time.

Oh and ROLL TIDE! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like your fears are warranted since there is a manhunt going on right now near the Pelham Civic Complex. Perhaps one of those sketchy fair workers you were speaking of earlier. ICK! I"m not going to the fair.. it just doesn't look fun!!

Leigh said...

Bama Belle- That is funny b/c all I kept saying when I was there was "we could have gotten into Disney World for this $$"

Thanks "Fly" girl!

Tammy it really is ridiculous. It had me in such a sour mood.

Thanks Trina and yes! Roll Tide!

Anon-Whaaaa? Thats news to me. I will have to tune into the news to see whats up. I am sure they ran there b/c it is the place to hide.

Holy cow-its on now and OHGOSH! They said they are chekcing the fair -HE TRIED TO GET A JOB THERE!!!
A criminal from Montana for "violence, escape, viloenc eon a police officer and burgarilary.
Case proven.

jennifer said...

Thank goodness I am not alone. I have an utter disdane for the fair and I HATE going. I finally set down the law with my kiddos that the fair would be and every other year event. We pulled the switcheroo on them this year... we moved! And I am not looking very hard for the fairgrounds down here.

Girl, it is just amazing the amount of money that it took for you guys to go to the fair.