Thursday, August 28, 2008


My cousin Gina can come up with the most clever gifts to give. For example this is what she gave me for my birthday this year......
A Monogrammed ceramic polka dotted dish.

And last year's gift from Gina was these precious coasters made from recycled Philippine newspapers. So cool!

The things Gina comes up with are always impressive and memorable. And they always comes from a store called Wrapsody. Wrapsody is located in Hoover at Patton Creek. Today I decided to drop in and see for myself what Wrapsody is all about.

Something that appeals to me, especially since I have a close friend that is in the retail business and I know the time and thought she puts into this, is window dressings. Wrapsody is all decked out for a fall festival of the finest.

Take a look at these decorations peering out...

Wrapsody is a perfect place to find that one special gift. There are a vast variety of gift items that can be monogrammed or customized. Some things are already prepared to go, like initial dish towels, infant pantaloons, jewelry and mugs to name a few.

I have a fondness for things that are area specific. For example these tea towels that feature Birmingham/Alabama area landmarks. I would love to have these!

Painted signs are in great abundance to customize your own space. Just check out this sign!

If you are a Vera Bradley Chick you would be in complete Heaven in Wrapsody's corner devoted to all things and patterns Vera......

There is also a section devoted to your favorite college teams. And I am not being biased....

I love the handmade gifts, like the wooden painted crosses, picture frames made with bottle caps and photography of area landmarks. These are all great inspiration for handmade Christmas gifts!

While Wrapsody is a bit pricey{for my budget} if you look around you can find some great gifts that fit into any budget...Gifts that will impress your recipient so much....that she too will become a Wrapsody customer. Like me.

"A celebration of giving! MAy all of your celebrations be wrapped in joy!"
160 Main Street Suite 112
Hoover, Alabama 35244
205 989-7277 V
205 989-7299 F
Store Owners: Terry Shea & Sarah Brown


"J" said...

There website is under construction! =( Dang it! You know I was off to check out the pic frames made with bottle caps!


I love to shop! =)
Wished we were rich!!!

giants fan said...

that looks like such a cute shop!!

Leigh said...

J- we are shooting blanks at those web sites, huh? Dang! It is a cool photo frame. I thought I would try and make one. I need to save up some bottle caps. IN the meantime, if I am that way I will find out the price and let you know. If you want it I can mail it to you.

Giants fan-it is precious!

Lula! said...

I would LOVE to shop here! It's very "me." And I have that tea towel--in "Virginia," of course!

I want a "L" tile, too. I'm a little covetous that way!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Leigh, I'm going to do a yardsale party this Sat. if you are interested. There's a big neighborhood sale over on my side of town that should be fun, so I put the word out on my blog. Email me if you're interested in going with us. Have no idea who all will participate.


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

love that store!!!

Lindsey said...

You always find the cutest shops!

Jenny G said...

I am a huge Wrapsody fan too! It takes me 30 minutes just to get past the Vera section!

Thank you for your kind words on my blog about my little one heading off to kindergarten, they were much appreciated!

Wrapsody Wrappettes said...

Thank you so much for all your kind words about the store. We always like to know what our customers think about the Wrapsody experience. Next time you are in the store, please let us know!

Celebrate everyday,
Your friends at Wrapsody

Leigh said...

Lula- They have it all! It's a great store! Lots of ideas...and things that you just MUST have.

Rhoda-I'm in!

Susan- One goes in and falls in love.

Lindsey-You must check it out when you are in town. It is in the shopping center (Patton Creek) just west of the Galleria.

Jenny-Absolutley. I meant it!

Wrapsody Wrappetts- What a cute name!I write what I honestly think...and think your store is precious! I will be sure to introduce myself! Thanks!