Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Fran T-Ray

I plan to continue my "Meet My Frans" Post. Though, I have gone through my whole blogroll, as I did it I added more frans that deserve attention. Today I wanted to shed a special "spotlight" on my fran T-Ray. Think the solid gold spotlight dance on the dancer that deserved some recognition. Today is Terri's spotlight.
Sure, I blogged about her before. But in a few quick sentences I don't think one can fully appreciate the appreciation I have for T-Ray. Besides, I have been promising this post for weeks now.
I met T-ray in my Adult hip hop class a year ago. (Spotlight dance) There was an immediate kinship. We are both quirky. We both openly lacked in the groove department. But we both could openly laugh at that fact and ourselves in doing it. It made dance class fun for me. While my friend Diva Flo is a natural, with me standing between Diva and T-ray, it was a comedic moment at it's best. Think a class with Ginger Rogers dancing alongside Lucy and Ethel.

Over the last year, I have grown to know T-ray outside of a dance class. She is a giver. Authentic. And loyal. She is always thinking of others. Even her career choice, was a natural choice. She is a licensed massage therapist. I mean, quite frankly, could there be anymore pleasure than a deep massage? What better a way to melt cares, concerns and knots away than by her hand.
T-ray is a good listener. I say blueberries, she produces. I say I like chocolate, she gives me the DL on where to get some good chocolate for free. She knows I like music, again.....a free coupon for Itunes. No, she isn't trying to buy my affection. She knows I love her. T-ray is just a serious and dedicated tightwad. That I can appreciate. She knows I want that house down on St George Island and the only way to get it is to scrimp.
Again, another similarity in us. Yet, she knows I haven't the patience for clicking here and there and everywhere in search for a bargain. Just tell me......and thus a blog was born. Bama Bargains. Where people like me could go and find the most amazing deals. Quite simply put, "IT ROCKS!"
I have gotten a multitude of goodies by way of T-Ray's blog. There are to many to list individually, but most notably my free Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits CD by way of Tylenol Arthritis and Leg Pain, then there was the Free Chicken Sandwich I gave to Bama. And lets just say my inbox was full on my birthday from several websites wanting to wish me a happy day by offering me all kinds of freebies, from food to Sepora makeup. You can go to her blog, Bama Bargains and see those listed on her left sidebar. You can register too. You really should.

Aside from all of this greatness, Terri is also a skilled and serious knitter, as documented on her "other" blog, "Confessions of a Yarn Whore". On that blog she documents everything from knitting to her own life experiences.
T-ray is just one great lady. She's special. She my frannnnnn. And I luv her. Especially cuz she doesn't laugh at my dancing. And I don't laugh at hers. We laugh together.
Visit her. Now.



"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww T-Ray sounds like an amazing person!!!! =)

If she is a friend of yours she is a friend of mine!!!!!! =)

I wished I lived near yall! I would so get a massage from her...I need one soooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Ward said...

Your words about my big sis are so true!! I learn from her all the time. Calling her now to see what she has to say about all the attention...you know she likes to blend in and not be noticed!!!

Terri said...

Am I Lucy or Ethel? Im more of an Ethel but I'm red-headed like Lucy. Ironically, my FD and I call each other Oprah and Gayle. I have so many personalities I may need therapy. Knitting therapy of course :)

Charnita's Xpressions said...

And she gives one heck of a deep tissue massage.
Love you too T-Ray!