Thursday, August 14, 2008

Leigh's Fantasies Revealed

I said I was going to Boycott the Olympics. But really, I am a proud American. And I support my team and country, contrary to my feelings on things of other political nature. My favorite events to watch are gymnastics and water sports. I really get into those. My gosh, did you see the US a couple night ago, in the relay? What a finish to trump France, who was favored!
I cannot help but get carried away, as I watch lying in bed watching with my Big Daddy.
I begin to drift off to sleep...... snorrrr
and have fantasies...... zzzzzzzz
Don't we all?

Mine, they begin to come........into play...... snort

(Sorry about the misspellings....spell check doesn't work in my dream sequence)


(a voice on the loud speaker)
Here we are in Beijing, at the Olympics about to take in a poo poo platter and the women's diving competition. About to take the high dive board for the United States is Leigh of Bloggeritaville. She has been relently practising in the tropical waters, just off of the Island of Bloggeritaville for the competition. Tonight, she is hoping to secure her fifth gold olympic metal .
She's about to take the ladder, lets watch and listen......


"J" said...

I've been driving Mr. "S" crazy with the Olympics!!!!

I was watching "MY" girls in the beach volleyball last night! They soooooooooooooooo ROCK! I met them a few years back when I was in Atlanta!!!!

lizziemom said...

That's my fantasy, too!!!

butterflygirl said...

We've been watching lots. My son loves cheering on USA.

Travis said...

I've been watching the coverage on my local Canadian channel...NBC is on too damn late! I live on the west coast and I can't figure out why they delay the feed until 8pm. They could start it at 5pm and be live with the east coast feed.