Friday, August 22, 2008


Remember that commercial I "talked" about a couple weeks ago? I called on some local friends to "talk"? Well, here is one of the commercials that is running on local ABC TV station ABC 33/40.
Among the "talkers", it features my mom ("I'm talking"), Helenaite Major Dundee and HPD Officer Rodney Prince (who came up with his own line-as did the guy that was pulled from the Depot wearing an Auburn t-shirt at the end of the commercial) and of course Susan of the Psych Ward (doing the hand gestures).
I am working on obtainging the other commercial spots that feature my son, J Smooth as well as T-Ray of Bama Bargains.


Susan in the Psych Ward said...'s the one I'm,talk,talk...I was told they only needed Elizabeth...glad I combed my hair that day!!!

Leigh said...

Susan! I have been thinking that lady looks familiar! Ok-am editing my post to include you!

"J" said...

HA! I seen your mom!!! =) Toooooooooooooo cool!!!!!