Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Locals:

A reminder of the commercial shoot at 10:30 AM on Wednesday.
Don't know if you will have a speaking line or not. Come as you are.
Hope to see ya there! Help my cousin out.


HEWY said...

whoa whoa...I missed something...Commercial shoot in Helena? I didnt read that?

BamaBelle said...

Dearest Leigh,
Thank you so much for your kind thougts for us at this time. I so enjoy reading your blog and adore the fact that we have so many new friends through the blog world. Again, thank you so for your warm spirit and words. God Bless you today as always.
a.k.a. Bama Belle

Leigh said...

Hewy- Big Mountain Coffee. See ya there...

Jessica- Your family is in my prayers. Through God, you can achieve anything. May you be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl-
things are really HOT here in Orange Beach- I made a batchof your cream cheese mix for cucumber sandwiches- I tried one tonight for supper- YUM! We stopped at Burris market and bought a sackful of fresh cucumbers!
I also used a big one to mix in my corn dip- so good!
Anyway, thanks for the recipe- I saw the pic of you and girls on the right side with your LULU's shirts- Big Daddy and I took the kids to eat at LULU's for lunch today to avoid the heat!
We luv LULU's! Be back to normal bloggin next week! It is just too hard with this slow connection!

Terri said...

Your mom is so funny! Now when I read your stories of trips with her, I envision Lucy and Ethel.

And my FD was a tad hurt that you convinced me to do something I didn't want to do. Only she has that magical power.

Dance on my dancin'diva.

HEWY said...

How did the commerical go? I was fast asleep.

Leigh said...

Drama-Glad you liked the sandwich. I know you are having a great time. Wish I were back down "on the coast on somewhere beautiful". Enjoy! Though I look forward to your return!

Terri-Yep. Now ya know!

Hewy-It went well. I will look like a red neck. It starts running on Saturday to promote a new show on acb3340. incidentally Terri, of "Confessions of a Yarn Whore and Bama Bargins" will be in it. Also in it are my mom, son Smooth, Officer Prince, Major Dundee and some dudes that were eating at the Depot. It was a hot day! Cousin Gina and photographer Don were old pros in the heat. I had hoped to see you!