Sunday, August 24, 2008

And the Friendship Award Goes to.....

I received a Friendship Award that originated from Chuck at Foster Me Up. This lovely award was presented to me by Jen at Dust Bunny Hostage. I am humbly honored. Jen is one blogger that I love to visit. I always find inspiration in her post, there is always laughter and there is always a attitude in Christan fellowship-even in how she approaches some situations or people that make it difficult, she is a constant positive and inspiration. I appreciate that in her. In all, She's a friend.
You all know the routine, I am to pass this award onto some other lovely ladies....and I am doing so in the spirit of Jen and her qualities mentioned above. I may get carried away with this award...but each one of these ladies below, is honesty deserving of this highly acclaimed hardware. Each posses the same spirit and attitude as Jen. And really, ya'll....Is there any better thing to be considered a "fran"? I don't think so.
Jen, I thank you for my award! I treasure it!
Jen gave this one out to lady friends. I think it is gender biased award? But if so...who is Chuck?
Anyway...The following ladies also share the qualities of my friend Jen and her spirit for life. Each lady listed below deserves this award.
Claim it, post it and Wear it proudly ladies:


The Hickman's said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. How sweet! Awards are so fun. :)

jennifer said...

Leigh, thank you so much for your kind words. First of all receiving it from Mimi was a joy! She truly is a Queen in all of Blogland. Then to have such sweet words spoken about me by you.

I say all of this because things have been.... hard lately. I HAVE to keep my chin up in Blogland. Because that is who I am, my PLACE in Blogland if you will. But the kindness of fellow bloggers has blessed me and taken the edge off of real life. Made it possible to be 'myself'. And GOD knew that I needed that support and used people like you to provide it. The sun is out now, my worries evaporated. And the warmth of friendship remains!

Love you girl!!!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Congratulations, Leigh!

Thank you for giving the award to me. I appreciate it so very much!

nancygrayce said...

Leigh, thank you so made me cry. I have not been myself lately due to a number of reasons and you just lit up my day! You're a credit to your generation!

Jessica said...

Aww! How nice! What a lovely surprise. Hugs from me to you! : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks girlfren-
I would luv nothing more than to meet you in Homewood- But we must have lunch at O'Carrs! We will steer clear of the the Fondue place!
We will have to work towards that! My fav time is Christmas over there- So pretty!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Leigh, wasn't that some rain we had the last 2 days?! Man, it was howling here last night. Glad it's over now, but the rain sure was nice.

Thanks SO much for this new award. I'll add it to my mantel of awards at the bottom of my blog & give you the gratitude. You're a sweetheart!


The Nester said...

well, thank you something awful, leigh! Congrats and what a great group of women to be among!

Keetha said...

Leigh, to me you are one of the blogging queens, so any award or mention you give me ALWAYS makes my day.

Thank you.

I have passed it on to six of my "real world" friends who also happen to blog.

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Oh my... I've only been blogging for a month and I already have an award. How exciting... Is it that I'm crazy or is it that Jen Garner if my new BFF? Of course, move over Jen, Leigh is my new BFF!!! Thanks again!!! Susan

Michelle said...

AWWW Thanks Leigh! You are the best!!

Leigh said...

Amy-They are aren't that. A bright spot in the day to think that someone is thinking of you!

Jen-I should expect such modesty! Thanks for the laughter, my friend!

Nancy-Awww! I amn glad that I made your day. Sorry you have had a not so good one, but know I was thinking of you! You are a special person!

Jessica-back at cha, hon!


Keetha-AWW! Thank you, that is such a sweet thing to say! I appreciate that. You have been on my mind and in my prayers and will continue to be.

Susan-Jen Garner? Well, you dont live in a pyche ward for nothing. And let me tell ya, I will fight for ya! Put up yer dukes, Jen! Susan, I am glad to join the blog world!

Michelle-You bet!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Thanks my friend...and I am all in on lunch with Drama Mama!!! We do need to plan our own blogger-fest sometime soon!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Leigh!! Leigh!! Leigh!!! You are always so kind to me!! Thank you so much "frans"!! I love you! Muah!

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much my dear friend!!!!! =) I will blog about it today on my weekend update post!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Jules said...

Thank you, Leigh! What a wonderful blessing this morning! Have a terrific week...see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Blogger fest - Leigh and Charnita voted initial organizers with other bloggers helping as plan is formed. Couple of months when it gets cooler? A park?

A certain Dust Bunny Hostage would like time to lose some weight :( and would also like to be included - A little birdie told me. I shall name no names though.