Sunday, July 6, 2008

Try the Nibbler on Leigh.... ok, Zaxby's

You all know how I love a bargain, even better is a freebie! Check out this one at my favorite fast food restaurant! Good tomorrow only, see times and date.
Try the Nibbler on us


Terri said...

interested in nibbling with me? It's my birthday afterall!!!! call/email me if you want to grab a free bite.

PAT said...

Hi Leigh

Thanks so much for the mention in your living room post. I love what you are doing in your LR!

I'm drifting through bloglandia trying to catch up! We're going back to the lake, tomorrow. I worked on my blog post today, then fixed one up for scheduling. I think I am permanently molded to my desk chair!

Have a wonderful week...I hope to visit more, next weekend. We'll be home from the lake for awhile, after this week.

Leigh said...

Terri- I am so sorry I couldnt nibble with you. BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We need to get together. We can still meet there. I love Zaxby's!

Pat-absolutley and always. HAve a great trip.

To all-Zaxby's rocks. Hope you got your nibbler.