Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet My "Frans"....

Hello Frans in Bloggeritaville! It's Tuesday, and Tuesday is Meet My Frans!
Here are my frans for this week that I want to introduce you to...
Big Mama -Big Mama is one cool mama. She's the kind of person that if you met you just would want to be friends with. She is always having the coolest promos on her blog. Like her spring fashion fiesta, for example. Her writing style is unique and real. Raw. Like a mother. A real mother. In the literal sense. Just read all about Big Mama. Tell me you don't like her. I will tell you that you don't like no-body.
Bird on a Wire -Debbie is one of my newest frans. Bird on a Wire is clever. She's cool. And she is the head of the Kudzu Queens. Bird on a Wire is, the "Musings of a Dot Mom Mogul. Over educated, Under Appreciated, Author, Life Coach and Yeah, A Mommy Blogger". Quite interesting and fun reading! Great blog.
Bless Our Nest -Shannon is nice enough to give home tours of her precious little abode. As well as taking her readers along with her shopping. Her favorite store, Oops. Yes, Oops. And I am awfully jealous because there is not an Oops in my town. When I saw the mercury glass cups for eighty some odd cents....well, you'll be jealous too. Shannon describes her blog as, "I am a Christian, a wife of four years, and a house enthusiast. I love to decorate my home and make it a comfortable place to live. I love looking at other blogs for design ideas. All of your wonderful blogs inspired me to start my own. This blog is for design inspiration and every now and then about our family." Got to love this cutie pie!
Bunny Bungalow -Bunny has a beautiful blog in which you feel like you are thumbing through the pages of Southern Lady Magazine. She has great decorating ideas. She is a yard sale, thrifter like I am and she sells her finds The Bunny Hop Shop. Where do you think I got my idea for my sale blog, "Baby's Gone Shoppin'? And don't forget she is having a cool giveaway, Tell her Leigh sent ya, will you?
Tune in next week to allow me to introduce you to some more of my "frans" from Bloggeritaville. Until then, go forth and visit some new blogs, make some new frans, and tell them that Leigh (of Bloggeritaville) sent ya!
But always remember to come back here and pay a visit. You know, I run my thoughts off each day and I always enjoy knowing you dropped in on the lunacy in my world.


Janera said...

Thanks for dropping by my place to enter the giveaway. Reading through your profile, I see that we have some interests in common. All except the ones where you get up and do stuff like roller derby.

But your books and movies and more sedentary interests? I'm right there withya, Girl.

Come again anytime!

"J" said...

I love the MEET MY FRANS post you do! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

Shannon said...

Yea!!! I'm your Fran!!! :) Thanks for the linky!!

"J" said...

I did it, I did it, I did the meme!!!!! =)

That was FUN!!!!!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Leigh, I think I know most of your bloggy "frans" already. I got to meet Big Mama, melanie, at the Deeper Still conference. Sweet girl!

Thanks for the award, I missed that from you! Will add your name as one who gave it to me too.


Leigh said...

Janera- come on. I will bet I could get cha in som eskates. LOL!

Thanks J! Cant wait to see the meme answers!

Shannon-but of course you are. Even though I am jealous of your oops outtings...I love your blog!

Rhoda-Whay sure! I cannot wait to see your write up in the paper. That is awesome. I will be looking out for it! Congratulations. Let me know when ya want to go yard saleing.