Friday, July 25, 2008

It's an Award

Tammy of Greek Grits recently awarded me with this "Major Award" to add to my "Leg Lamp of Accolades" at the bottom of my right sidebar. I am not worthy. I am both humbled and touched that the Greek Goddess, Tammy, thought enough of me to pass it on. I am most appreciative.

2008 Premio Award Rules:
1. When received, you may post the premio to your blog.
2. Link to the blogger you received it from.
3. Give it to 7 blogs
4. Link to those 7 blogs
5. Leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

I'd love to spread the love to all of my bloggy friends. And quite honestly I went back and forth and added then deleted more than half of my distractions/blog roll list. It is HARD to pick 7. But to be fair, here are some I haven't given awards who are so worthy....

1. Pat from Back Porch Musings ( her other "porch" is Snapshots From the Back Porch)
2.Rhoda's Southern Hospitality
3.Bunny Bungalow
4.Drama Mama Life on the Pond
5.Bless Our Nest
6.A Schmitty Life
7.For the Love, A Mama's Matra

Now go, spread the love....


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Thank you so much Leigh!!! I am truly honored! :)

Drama Mama said...

I am so honored...This is actually my third time to get this same award! That means I like triple ROCK!
I am gonna have some fun passin it on-
Okay- Please do everyone a favor and put some clothes on before you order your Whoppers (plural)! I knew it was you and all, but I wasn't gonna embarrass you in the blogosphere! I'm just too nice to do that-

HEWY said...

You are so worth the award!!

Dawn Gahan said...

As a first time visitor to your blog, I can honestly say . . . award well deserved! Have enjoyed going through your archives as well.

Thanks for visiting me and entering my giveaway. With all the interest in my shell crosses, I think I will be selling them, so look out for a post with a few featured for sale.


Tammy said...

You are crackin' me up with the "Leg Lamp of Accolades".

For the Love... said...

I am going to blame the fact that you posted this a week ago and I am just now seeing it on the fact that I quit smoking. It has to be brain has been in a total revolt...

This was the perfect thing to find this morning (except for the part where I am a total looser for not finding it sooner)...Thank you SO MUCH!!!!