Wednesday, July 23, 2008 to Lessen the Load

One persons junk is another person's treasures. It's true. And now it is easy to locate the good junk, er....treasure by using the site called . My good friend, Mama Joy, recently told me about the site. Say you have an old piano sitting around your basement, or (like me) an unwanted play fort in your back yard, you can post the information and if someone if interested they come and claim it. It cost no money to join and it is up to the "retriever" of the items to arrange to pick up the items. What a great concept-and it rids our landfills of unnecessary waste. Awesome! At the site you will have to register (if you aren't already) as a yahoo. From there you can then click on groups in your area to share with. It's a whole new world to treasure seekers.

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Trina said...

I subscribed to this list a few months back, but whenever I would reply to a poster to say I wanted what they were offering, it was already taken, so the only thing I would use it for now is to list something that I didn't want.

It's a great thing tho, less garbage in the landfills!