Thursday, July 3, 2008

Before and After-Living Room Redo

Finally! Here are a few pictures of my room makeover. Here you can see the paint before and after as well as the furniture placement redo...but remember this is only session one. There is an ultimate goal and that is one that is going to take both time and money. For example, we are going to be getting new flooring. Thank goodness. I hate my carpet and cannot wait for the day it leaves. And the two chairs (pictured) have an agenda with each.
The larger on on the right will go into Big Daddy's office. It reclines. Perfect for when he is "working". Another will go into it's place in the den. It's a barrel back chair that my cousin Beckie gave me. I plan to have both recovered, as well as the wing back (burgundy) that is pictured. When they are completed, I will post the B&A.
As you can see there is a list. These are just the the major statement changes...
New Flooring
upholster existing furniture pieces
paint booksleves (white and inset will be the same as the wall color)

But for now, here is my living room/den....


Much Lighter!
Cindy worked on the furniture arrangement by bringing the seating in this area, closer and out from the walls to lessen my "bowling lane" of a room. Meaning it is long and narrow. A big rectangle. Cindy added the bookshelves, they were brought in from other areas in the house. It draws attention to my high ceilings. The bookshelves hold my favorite books, old family photos and knick knacks that were given to me. "Special things" that I can see everyday. I like that

My windows are currently bare except for blinds. We briefly touched on that in Cindy's consultation visit. To drape or not to drape? That is the question. One for a later time. But look what she did with one of my mirrors and lamps. Oh, and that bookcase/curio was made by my grandfather. I treasure it.


This is the table between the two chairs that sit in front of the french doors. The table is actually an old sewing machine base that I found at my grandmothers house. I added a wood top that I bought for $1.00 at Adkins Furniture in Dogtown. Yes, Dogtown. Everyone in Alabama knows about it (future post to come).

Did you notice that clear little pedestal candy dish on the table ?

It is another treasure from a recent trip to the Thrift Store. Ya must know, the thrift store is only a few miles form my house. At night, when the chores are done, I hop in my car and browse. Honestly though, I cannot tell you the last time I set foot into the mall. So don't mistake me for a "real shopper". I don't do that well-shop. I used to love it. Now, I go for a purpose. Never to "just look".

Here are some other treasures I found on my visit to the Thrift Store:
For 99 cents I found what I believe is a Oneida sugar jar, but I am going to use it for small cut flowers. My children are always bringing me flowers from our yard (sometimes grass). I will proudly display it in this :

And these little bowls I fell in love with....

They were 2.48 each. They will be perfect for ice cream, or cereal or a hot cup of soup in the fall. YUM! Even yummier in these...

And finally, and one I am most excited about is this dish.....

Isn't is gaw-jus? Actually the picture doesn't do it justice.I think it is really an oyster dish (see the condiment rings on the sides) but I plan to use it as a display dish for my deviled eggs. Olives in the middle. A favorite of Big Daddy and his brother, The Artist.


Jerri junque said...

I love the piece between the windows, and a family piece. How nice. Great job. I love finding treats at the thrift stores.

Anonymous said...

Luv the Oneida-
We don't have any thrift stores around here unfortunately- I would be all up in it if we did-

Dee said...

Absolutly gorgeous! I love how she made everything look so much lighter. I need to get her over here and work her magic. I love the bowls from the thrift store! I am jealous!!

The Troll said...

Those bowls are great. I have some like that for ice cream and such.

HEWY said...

That really seems to bring the light into the room!

Kristy said...

Looks wonderful!!! She did a great job. I wish I could do things like that.

Trina said...

Wow, ok, I am officially jealous. I want her to redo mine! LOL

I love the bowls! How cute :)

And if I liked deviled eggs I would be jealous of the platter, but I only eat the whites! LOL

jennyhope said...

we must go shopping together!

Shannon said...

I love all the pictures!!! You found some great finds too! Your living room is huge! I'm jealous! :)