Friday, June 20, 2008

Under Rated-Bo Bice

This meme was created by the ever talented Troll, as explained here,
"Introducing a New Troll Meme: Overrated/Underrated
Who: You
What: Any topic whatsoever that you believe is woefully overrated or underrated. People, places, things, ideas. It’s entirely up to you.
Where: Your own blog.
When: FIRST and THIRD Fridays of the month (Da Troll will post reminders).
Why: Because a scientific Troll Poll indicated people would enjoy having an organized format for their rants and raves.
How: Subject line of your post should be crafted thusly: Overrated Fridays: French Wines (or Underrated Fridays: Puffy Cheetos). Then, in 500 words or less, tell us why. Unlike Mute Mondays, you’ll need to use actual words, although feel free to post a photo or two if you want. When you’re finished, head over to Da Troll’s and post "I'm UP" in the comments section. Then visit other players to agree or disagree with their selections."

I have a multitude of underrated selections. For real, it will take me a year to post on under rated. But this week I chose Bo Bice. A "hometown boy", from the town in which I live, he was runner up to Carrie Underwood on American Idol, season 4. This guy is the real deal. He is genuinely talented. To stay true to the Bo Bice that people got to know through his musical selections on AI, he putted threw his promised Idol album which was largely controlled my "the man" and then went Indie so that he would not have to put out a manufactured sound but one that was truly Bice. He is currently looking to move back "home" to Helena and I couldn't be prouder. Yet he still is hitting the roads with his band giving listeners a joyful tune as he passes through.
His new album, "See the Light" is both a nod to the musical industry "man" (the title) and it is truly Bice that is featured in some incredible lyrics and musical riffs. To read more on the review I did for his most recent album, click here.

And so this week of under rated, my pic of the week- Bo Bice a raw, yet gentle ,spirited southern rocker. Real and undeniable.

(Photo Credits: The top photo is by my fran, Lindey Massey. The middle is his album cover. The third, I do not know who took it. I wish I could give photographic credit. If you know, please share.)


Drama Mama said...

I luv Bo too- What do you think about Taylor Hicks? You haven't mentioned him??? Surely, you know whte inside scoop on him- What is he up to now?

Leigh said...

LOve Taylor. Love his "Soul". I do know that Taylor has a book coming out very soon, he has been doing some touring, He was on Regis and Kelly last week, and is most recenlty starring in a guest roll on Grease on Broadway as "Teen Angel".

In hometown news, Both he and Rueben Studdard (both hometown boys-lots of talent this away) are slated to open nightclubs in a restoration Birmingham project that will be situated by the civic center.

OW! Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol!

The Troll said...

Good selection for under-rated. Maybe they should rename it "North Bama Idol".

Snark Meister said...

Taylor's book is already out. It's called "Heart Full of Soul" and I've read it. It's really good and I would recommend reading it.

Travis said...

My two all time favorite Idols are Bo and Taylor.

While I did like Bo's first release, it really wasn't the sound that grabbed my attention when he was on Idol. This second release is fantastic.

It's a shame that he had so many health problems after Idol. I think it derailed his momentum. But he's a "real" artist and I'm glad I know of him through his appearance on Idol.

Can't wait for Taylor's new CD!

Snark Meister said...

I never really watched AI until Taylor was on it. A friend of mine gave me some of Bo's songs to listen to and I really liked them, but Taylor got me watching the show for the first time. I can't wait for him to release his second album and I hope that he gets better promotion this time...his record label REALLY didn't do right by him.

"J" said...

I thought he was GREAT on AI! =) I love me some southern boy rock-n-roll!!!!! Great post!!!!!!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

OMG~ we are really back door neighbors!

I have always thought Bo was one of the most talented of all the idols. so REAL.

Brian said...

i really like Bo's voice i just dont think he does enough to get his music out there. You have to go out there and advertise your music and i dont think he does that enough. If he did i think he would be one of todays biggest artists