Friday, June 20, 2008

Toby Keith entertains a "Few" Hometown Friends

My friend Janet must be feeling like Lady Luck. Hurry-someone take her with you to Vegas! She somehow manged to finagle free tickets to another concert this week. Last night was Toby Keith. I like Toby. Actually, I like the old Toby. Don't tell him that, for that was the Toby that he told his record label he could go and Sc*&W because he didn't feel as though he had creative liberties. He was "sticking it to the man". I can respect that but I think that his "creative liberties" aren't as good lyrically as the prior. The last 4 Cd's have had some-er, a little on that I like, but it is his old stuff that I fell in love with. For example:"Shoulda Been a Cowboy", "When Country Comes to Town", "You Shouldn't Kiss me like This", "A Little Less Talk", "Wish I Didn't Know....", Thank goodness I heard almost all of these last night. Although the newer stuff , of course, was mixed in.
I have seen Toby preform 4 or 5 times. It's a good show, but not much has changed with his stage performance. It is basically the same show. That isn't to be said though that it isn't a party. There was a rowdy crowd there last night. The entire Verizon Wireless Music Center was packed to almost capacity. It was Carrie Underwood's one drunk times a few thousand. It never bothers me, as long as they behave. I was just happy the concert was at the Verizon. It is closer to my house, an outdoor amphitheater and acoustics are also a few thousand times better than the BJCC. We left just before his last song and the following encores that came after. A good time was had by all!


Lindsey said...

You are the "Concert Queen"! Seriously. Glad you are having so much fun!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, there, I just read your hair color adventure. I'm getting ready to post about home hair color next week & I'm SO glad you discovered how easy it is to do home color. I've been doing it for years & now do the double process thing too. I found a really neat book that I'm doing a review on all about home color. Probably will post that next week!

Your color looks great...


jennyhope said...

I was wondering what that loud noise was last night. Whenever a concert is going we hear it in our backyard!!

Leigh said...

Lindsey-Its free and I love MUSIC. It also gives me an excuse to D-A-N-C-E!! Hey, when you come to town to thift email me so I can meet ya there!

Rhoda-I cannot wait to tune into that post. I feel so liberated to finally know how to do it without looking like somehthing from the color wheel. I will be tuning in.
Oh, nothing has happened with my house, if you know what I it a few more days.

Jenny-Girrlll! I have missed hearing from you! Sorry if we kept you and that precious baby girl up.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hi Leigh, free concert tickets, that's great!

Your hair-color post was fun! I really need to learn this 2 step process. I see Rhoda is posting on it next week. I just do the home dye 1 step process, Hugs, DebraK

Mrs. Jules said...

Glad you had a good time, Leigh! Speaking of country stars, I just overheard a lady at the store telling her friend that she had tickets to see Brad Paisley this weekend, guess he's in town! I haven't really listened to his music, but I do know he's got a huge following like Toby. Have a great weekend!

Leigh said...

Debrah- I look forward to Rhoda's post. So glad that now I know the key.

Mrs Jules, I love his song, "I'd sure like to check you for ticks" I think it is to cute. He has alot of cute ones.

"J" said...

I agree with you on the OLD Toby! For sure! =)

I think he jumped on the band wagon with the rest of the looking rough acting tough guys that were selling a ton of CD's!

I guess you do what sells!

Glad yall had a blast!