Monday, June 9, 2008

Troll's MM=Competition

Troll's mute Monday theme is competition....

Competitions: Bama and Leigh in their respective brackets of the annual Turket Toss Competition, Smooth-flag football, Fabian and Marlee, Big D bowling, Smooth 50 yard meter, Me and my race metal-100 yard meter, Bama tennis, Sledge swimteam, Bama wrestling, Alabama basketball, Smooth baseball


Anonymous Boxer said...

it's a complete family competition! In my life, we competed for the sugar cereal, the Sunday comics and remote.

Your family kinda rocks.

Happy MM.

Leigh said...

Anon- Yes, those are good ones to include! LOL.Yeah, I guess,kinda..... I think they do.

Anonymous said...

Last one is awesome! Brings back memories, Happy MM!

The Troll said...

Excellent pics and congrats on the medal. And congrats on having fit ACTIVE youngsters! Happy Mute Monday.

she said...

what a great MM! i love all the family photos. your kids look happy! good job leigh.

i bet you have so much fun. how are ya'll on board games? man we've had some HOT nights of competition that have become legendary. one risk game in particular stands out. violence was involved. grrrrrrrrerhahahaha

i LOVE sonic cherry limeades too! i go out of my way when i travel to and from north georgia to stop and get one each time.

happy MM!!!

frannie said...

those are some great shots!!

ThursdayNext said...

Indeed, your family is awesome! Lots of great competition - how did you do in the Turket toss? ;)

Just Bob said...

It looks like you selected a lot of personal photos... a nice touch for MM.

~Just Bob~

Leigh said...

Kate-Yes, we have spent many a day on a basebal field between the three of them.Happy MM!

Troll-Thanks. Boy I was proud of that, because I hate to run. I will not tell you that I was competeing against my sister in law and stuck my leg out so she would fall. BU tthen again that is competition, isnt it?
JUST kidding of course. I didnt do that. Happy MM!

She-Everytime I say your blogger name I start singinig the Beatles song of the same name. Anyway, thank you.
I looked for over an hour for a pic of a checkers game we had, but I couldnt find it. Risk? Wow! I cannot do games that are that long. But my husband and my son and his friends have done those and yes, that can get hairy. haha!
Call me, I will go andget a limeaide with you, and we'll discuss our disgust at Hollywood, bad pedicures, political views and why stars dress badly. Haha!Happy MM!

Thx Frannie!

Thursday- We do have fun. We have had the turkey toss contest for 4 or 5 years now and I have yet to win. Big Daddy did one year. We have a little trophy that I am much more proud of than him. LOL!Thx for the comment.

Just Bob, indeed they are. But I also think that the FBI has used some of those for its most wanted list. Thx, Bob.Happy MM!

Gypsy said...

Wonderful pics, wonderful family. what is it they say? The family that plays together, stays together or something like that.

Happy Mute Monday!

PAT said...

These photos are wonderful, Leigh! I also enjoyed Sister Sledge's room makeover.

I'd love to be featured on your blog. Thanks!

Have a great week!

SeaRabbit said...

Lovely take!!
Happy MM!