Monday, June 9, 2008

Room Makeover-Sister Sledge

On Sunday, I finished working on phase two of Sister Sledge's room. Painting the furniture. I tell you what, I would much prefer to paint walls than furniture! We inherited some furniture from my brother and sister in law. It had been sitting in my parents basement. It is where I like to go and "shop" when I want to swap things out.

When we got it it was wood tones, but I didn't think it looked good with the freshly painted walls. It really made the furniture look dated. So, it too was painted. My friend Randy once put a note in our mailbox when I convinced Big Daddy to redo our kitchen years ago. I kept it and put it in Big Daddy's toolbox.

If you cannot read it, it says,

Big D,

If you change the floor, you have to paint the walls
If you paint the walls, you will have to add a wallpaper border,
If you add a border, you will have to change the counter tops and paint cabinets
So-stop the madness and convince Leigh that she loves her kitchen the way it is.

Signed, Homeowners against projects.

True, He was worried because his wife got wind I was redoing my kitchen and then she wanted to redo her's too. And so we did, all four of us, painting walls, putting down new flooring, getting new counter tops, new appliances.......
And ya know what, he is right. As much as I hate to say it. It does open up a can of worms. Thus, the painting of the walls, then the furniture. But, tis the summer of room by room reclaiming. (even with the mubbling of harsh words under Big D's breath. This is IT!)

Today I assigned Big Daddy the seemingly simple job of installing a pair of curtain rods over the windows in Sledge's room. I should've gone with Nester's advice, "Fake it". For if I did, I wouldn't have big holes in the wall where Big D messed up the sheet rock. He has never claimed to be a handy man, in fact, proclaims the declaration that he isn't each time I ask him to do something. One of these days I am just going to have to have him bite the bullet, and as Andy Taylor would say, "Pay the Man" to do it. If that were the case, we wouldn't have holes. But, I managed to conceal them with the uneven curtain rods. Hmm.

Sledge has come into those "tween years". She had been wanting a change from the hideous green room we painted for her about a year and a half ago. At the time, she had chose pink and green. Good girl colors. But about a week after we painted it she went through a metamorphosis and hated it, saying git was to "girly". Yes, she "grew up" in that week. I don't know what happened, but puberty has set in. She hated everything about it. She wanted "red and black". That was all I heard. She hated the flowers on the comforter, the one that I had long since thrown away the receipt. She hated the green that scorched your eyes when you walked into the room. I hated it too. But after all the painting, I was not about to repaint. And so it sat for a year and a half. She removed the "girly" bedding and replaced it with a white coverlet. And that green walls that screamed green....It was awful. In fact, I cannot believe I looked at that room for over a year. I guess it was easier because I wasn't the one sleeping in there.

And so a couple of weekends ago, in my "summer of reclaiming the house" we painted the walls, and then the furniture. She still wanted red and black walls, which she associates with a "rock stars room". I wasn't ready to go that far. I still wanted a "girl", so we compromised. I found a black and white toile bedspread at Pennys online. For red, we put on a few throw pillows, that can be changed out.

And here it is. And I am happy. Except for the fact that I do not know what to put above the bed. I guess that will come in time. When I see it, I will know I guess. Unless someone in Bloggeritaville has any ideas?

Now, onto another room project.......


frannie said...

wow! very nice. I didn't think it was bad before (maybe my computer doesn't show the true color of the green)... but you really took that theme and made it "girly" yet grown. Very nice!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

How about a large creative black and white portrait of her with some red accents??

Leigh said...

Thankyou Frannie. We lived with it somehow. Actually it wasn't that bad with the origianl comforter and old furniture she had in there. BUt when she took off the bedding and we started swapping out furniture, it got ugly. Thanks!

Charnita-taht is a great idea!!! You are so creative!

Lindsey said...

Love the room makeover! Great work:)

Shannon said...

Oh! I love the painted furniture, and the bedding, and the lamp and everything! Good job!

Dee said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I agree with Charnita, maybe a picture of her in black and white or one of those silouetts that the chic from the Nesting Place does.

Travis said...

You're like an HGTV show!

As for what to hang above the bed, maybe let her choose something?