Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sledge Jives her Way to the Dance Floor

Yesterday I met Zinnia, Princess Warrior at Fabian and Jackie's Dance Studio (Fred Astaire). She and I enrolled our children in a dance class for the summer. There the kids will learn several different types/forms of dance. Today the kids focused on the waltz and the jive. They did a great job paying attention and behaving themselves. They really seemed to understand what was being taught (bravo to Jackie and Taylor). After the class Sledge volunteered that she really enjoyed it. I talked to Freddy on the phone and boasted that we both may be raising future Dancing with the Star performers. He said, "Whoa! Let's not get ahead of ourselves.". You be the judge. Here is a glimpse at their class. Sledge is in the middle in black, her partner in aqua shirt is Freddy's son, "A".

Oh! If you look closely on the left, you will see that Fabian was in town. He was at the studio practising for an upcoming charity performance, the One Man Mambo Show, to be held in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Marlee Matlin will be joining Fabian in some up and coming charity events. Check your local calendar of events to see if they will be coming to a venue near you.


Snark Meister said...

Dang, that looks fun! Reminds me of my "Social Dance" class that I took.

"J" said...

They are sooo cute! Sledge really seems to have it down! =)

Fabine cracks me up! He is sooooooooooooooo getting down over there by himself! HA!!!!!

I sent then a myspace friend request...I seen them on your myspace page! I told them I was your blog/myspace friend!!! lol =)

Leigh said...

Snark- I leanred a thing or tow just by sitting there watching.

J- He was. I love to wacth he and Mark move from DWTS. They have that thing going on where you cannot even see their feet moving, they just glide. Why wasnt I born with that skill? I am sure they'll accpet you as a friend.