Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Meet My "Frans"....

I have added some new names to my list of distractions on my sidebar. I was going to introduce them to all of you and then thought, I haven't introduced you all to any of my friends over there personally. So, each week, I will take a handful and tell you a bit about them. I plan to share about their blog and if I can recall or it is pertinent, how I "met them" in blogland.
I am going to begin at the bottom. Why? You might ask. Well, way back in the days of school my last name was almost to the end of the alphabet. Teachers would always begin with the A's. Sometimes that was a good thing, but most often it annoyed me. That is my reason. To shake it up. Yeah, I live wildly, I know....

And so, a few of a "frans" who are worthy of a look:

Welcome to Our Lives-This is my "fran" Amy. We met through Jessica's blog (will discuss her later). Amy is as nice as Jessica is crafty-but that isnt to say Jessica isn't nice b/c she is. Anyway...Amy will lift you up with a consoling word, share her love of the Lord and then go on to tell you how she has shimmed down a river in a canoe with 23 of her friends. She camps out-and likes it. My kinda girl. My husband doesn't even do that! She has the pictures to prove it. And if that isn't enough for you, she is a first time mom to baby Zaydee (cute name for a baby with eyes you can get lost in) and wife to hubby Zack. If this family isn't precious, then I don't know what is.

Weightloss and Reality TV- Sweet Michelle. Actually I met Michelle by going into her new store in Helena, Consignment Classics. Ask her, she will tell you that I clean out my closet as often as I can. But I also buy from her, you can't help it when she has such cute clothing and accessories at bottom dollar prices. One day she and I started discussing music and our mutual love for singing. I mentioned a post I had written about just that on my blog. I gave her the address and she and her dry witted husband, Steve, looked it up and read it and then sent me a cute little email saying that enjoyed my ramblings. It made me so happy. Shortly after, Michelle began her own blog. I told her it was cheaper than therapy! And so, the rest is history. Michelle and I graduated from high school the same year. Our schools played one another in football. She is a mom of 3 boys. She just graduated one off from highschool. I know there will be future material on that alone. Michelle is a go getter and wears her heart on her sleeve. I admire her tenacity. She was recently in a hometown version of American Idol called Big Mountain Idol. She did well. But don't think for a minute that her talent is her own. It was well cultivated and inherited from her mother's genes. Just another example that "Girls Rawk".

Warm Pie is just that, gooey goodness for your soul. This is a lady who was jilted by not being born in the south. You would think she was. From her home decor to the great words of advice she dishes out and spoon feeds you. She is clever!! Just read her story on a box of photographs that she collects. She doesn't know the people in the pictures, but she gives them a history and a mighty interesting one at that. Check her out, you will see what I mean! (I found her by way of Harrington House)

Traylor's Sports Droppings -This is a blog of a friend of my oldest child. Traylor, like Bama, is very much into sports. Be is trivia, news, or playing them. I told him I was going to link him to my page. I want him to get encouragement from others to keep writing. I told him, "Do it every day." It's a discipline and if he is one day wanting to go into a field of journalism he needs to practise. ALOT! I am proud of his efforts, as I am any young kid that pushes to succeed in something. And he is just a good all-american kid.

Trav's Thoughts - I met Travis through Dust Bunny Hostage. DBH knew of my enjoyment that I got from Dancing with the Stars-perhaps it was my at least once a week postings? She emailed me to say that Travis shared a love for that show too (and other reality tv shows). We have been regulars at one another's blogs since. His blog is a good read. Thanks DBH for introducing me to another "fran."

and finally, The T Family Syndicate- This is Frannie. I met her through a Valentine blog pal thingy at Island Girl. We were matched up as a "secret sister" type of thing but for Valentine's Day (the day I hate, I know......) We swapped goodie boxes. Mine was cool, but even better, I made a new friend. Frannie lives in Atlanta and has a most interesting life. She is married to a great man, who happens to be Asian. They have a precious child, "Drama". My favorite post of hers was a sad one, but also one of healing and compassion. Her husbands grandmother recently passed away and the way that her husband's culture recognized the passing and also celebrated her new life was both beautiful and educational. It moved my spirit. I appreciate her for allowing us to easedrop and learn a new experience.

And that, frans, is my handful for this week. Tune in, to see what I might say about you!

And now, go forth and visit some new blogs, make some new frans, and tell then that Leigh sent ya! But always remember to come back here and pay a visit. You know, I run my thoughts off each day and I always enjoy knowing you dropped in.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

What a great idea!!

BamaBelle said...

Hi Darlin, I just found where your blog page is. I am so glad, for a couple of weeks I have been wanting to read about you, but only got to your "profile" page. I am thrilled to check in on your life and journies. Thank you for visiting me often and your precious comments. I look forward to a long blogging friendship! Take care, Bama Belle

Leigh said...

Mrs. Smitty- I love meeting new people, I thought this would be a good way. Sorry-its looks like you will be last-but certinaly not least. It will be good. Promise!

Bama Belle-glad you found the blog! I love new friends!

frannie said...

aww! that was sweet. so many people were moved by the ceremony posts... I had no idea it was going to be that big of a deal.

tricki_nicki said...

What a great idea, Leigh! It's gonna take you a while isn't it?

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Awe! You are so sweet- that just made my day. It is so neat to read (or hear) what other people think about you. You lifted my spirits today!!

jennifer said...

I am going to visit EACH ONE! Actually, I have already went to see Travis today. Thanks for the shout out and I am so glad that email led to a new friendship!

Be blessed!


"J" said...

I love that you did this! You will bring new blog friends together this way! I love love love love it! =) Thanks!

I can't wait to go check out some new blogs! =)

Michelle said...

Awww Leigh! You are so sweet! And you definately told the story of how we met.. LOL I love reading your blog pretty much on a daily basis..I am not nearly as good as you are about posting..I try but you know how life is.. lol Thanks for the shout out..BTW..Been wearing the bracelet..It reminds me of true friendship when you need it!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Leigh, thank you for adding me to your blogroll & I'm going to do the same.

Love your thrifty find...and you got some cheese to go with it too. That is so cool!

I only know one of your blog features, Warm Pie, you're so right about her blog. She makes you feel right at home & she definitely shoulda been Southern.


Leigh said...

Frannie-It certinaly moved me. What a beautiful glimpse into that culture. I appreciate you allowing it.

Trickie-A few weeks. And you are towrds the top, sorry....but it too will be good. Lotsa good material on yours.

Amy-I meant every word

Jen-I hope you will visit. I know you will. Thanks for the tip. Your a good blogger fran.

J-You too are a good 'un!

Michelle- I am glad you like it. And I want you to remember that scripture on it. Do not worry. God is with you.

Rhoda, I find you downright delightful and am just tickled as can be that I got your comment and email. I am going to respond to your email very soon. I havent forgotten you. I just LOVE your blog.
Hey-you are up next week!