Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sides Notes:

Hey Ya'll!

I just had a couple footnotes I wanted to share today.

First and foremost, I am so excited to announce my friend and "fran", Judy Ellington has made the decision to run for a city council seat in the city of Helena. Judy and I have been friends for many years. I have made a blog to support Judy's run. Details are on it,
If you live in the city of Helena, I hope that you will get familiar with Judy and come to know the person that I know. IF nothing more, send her some words of support!
Vote For Judy Ellington!


Secondly, I have added some new items to the Baby's Gone Shoppin blog, should you be interested in giving any of these items a home. I will be adding more to it in the coming days.


As of just NOW, have you noticed if my blog takes less time to load? I hope so. I archived more of my post and shortened my "ramblings" to just 4 a page so I hope that will help. So if you need to play catch up on any post, you will have to click to "older post". It was Big Daddy who was complaining (imagine that!). When he is at work the connection time took longer to load the pages. I think he wants to make certain I am not posting about an upcoming plan to break outta here and leave him with the kids (LOL) . I hope that it loads faster for everyone. Let me know if you can tell a difference.


And finally, my "fran" at Sunny Little Blog is having a giveaway of popcorn. If I don't win it, I sure hope you do. Good Luck!

Hope you have a wonderful and most blessed day!


Keetha said...

Your blog has always loaded rather quickly for me - - - maybe Big Daddy just needs a better computer at work!!! Tell him I said so - - - you know, I'm such an expert and all - - -


The Troll said...

Go Judy! I tend to favor people who have run a bidness in elections. We have too many politics lifers who lack common sense.

Thanks for your GREAT recipes in the Troll Report Contest. I'm eating one tomorrow! A winner has been declared.

tricki_nicki said...

Yeah, me too. It's always been fine. But I think it's hilarious that your hubby was complaining about it! Mr. Wright reads mine too, more because he's afraid I'm going to post something personal about him. They don't call me the queen of TMI for nothin'!

Dullbert said...

Big D. was right I always thought it loaded slower than most, figured it was the slideshows or some renegade widget but it seems pretty speedy now. hey which seat is Judy running for ?

Mrs. Jules said...

Just saw that you were a winner in Drama Pond's Sonic contest...congratulations!

"J" said...

Good Luck to us all! I love popcorn! I really really really want to win! Mr S hates popcorn so it will be alllllllllllllllllllllll mine if I do win! HA!

Big Daddy reads your blog? That is sweet! When I do post I tell Mr S to read! =) He was upset with me one weekend post I did about working on the lake house! He said I made it look like he didn't do anything and my dad did everything! I felt bad! But I didn't mean to post like that! =( So he gets on every now and again and reads what I wrote and the comments! =) He still calls all my blog friends my FAKE friends! lol I always always talk about my blog! HA!

Good Luck to your friend "FRAN"! I'm sure if she has YOU backing her...she will get the votes needed to win! You go GIRL!

I'm off to go check out Baby's Gone Shopping! =)