Friday, May 30, 2008

Stop the catbox! The sheep dont like it. funny!

IN the spirit of this post:

and For the Love's Question:

I thought of this commercial that always makes me laugh.
So-what song lyrics have you messed up?


frannie said...

I always thought this was funny, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny- Big Daddy always corrects me and my singing- cause you know he is perfect! Right????

Dullbert said...

well the most famous has to be Jimi Hendrix ..Purple Haze "'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy".

Leigh said...

FRannie-so funny!

Drama-another one? Uh-oh!

Dullbert-I have never heard that one. that is funny. The Sweet Home alabama song comes to mind and now I cannot recall the line that people say incorrectly in it. I will have to think about it. Its late...