Friday, May 30, 2008

Help an Animal in Need

My friend Sharon had been telling me that I needed to watch an Oprah episode on animal shelters. I caught it yesterday and just sat and cried. And cried. And cried some more. You can read the transcripts here. Animal Welfare is something that I feel very passionate about. These are creatures of God, that cannot speak. I am horrified at the number of people who are not responsible pet owners. How do not provide pet care and spay and neuter their pets, but allow them to continually procreate only acerbating the existing problem and who use animals as a pocket lining business and have no heart and concern for the animal. It breaks my heart. I do not profess it loudly, that I have 5 dogs. It is embarrassing. I think it generates an image of -some backwoods family.We sound like "animal collectors". But I am saying it because I am passionate about the cause. Three of my 5 dogs are rescue dogs. Consider adoption first.

1. spay and neuter your pets
2. adopt a pet from a shelter, not a puppy mill or pet store who keeps puppy mills in business.
3. Be a responsible pet owner.
4. Give to a local shelter.

Please take the time to read and then do what you can. I cannot think of a better gift then to donate to a shelter (or another charitable cause) in some one's name. Give an animal a chance.


moi said...

Amen. I've been involved in animal welfare for years and the situation is as dire as it's ever been.

Lindsey said...

That was definitely a tear jerker of an episode. I had to turn it off. Those poor animals.

Gypsy said...

I know I'm a big wuss but I have been wanting to volunteer for years at an animal shelter. Why don't I do it? Because I can't even watch shows on tv showing animals that have been abused even when I know there is an inevitable happy ending. I have been a member of IFAW for years and always donate to animal rescue programs but the reality is too much for my animal loving heart.