Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sharp Dressed Fabian

Rabid4radek sent me this comment this morning:
Oh boy...I almost wouldn't even want to KNOW what on earth would link to my blog...eesh! Plus the fact that I haven't exactly written in a while.
At any rate, I am a crazed DWTS fan and really enjoyed Fabian being on this year. As a dare from a friend, I made a little photo montage set to the ZZ Top song "Sharp Dressed Man". Hopefully you (and anybody else) will get a kick out of it. It was solely meant as an appreciative project. Your blog rocks!

So of course, I had to post. And of course I will see that Fabian see's that, unless of course Rabid4radek is Fabian. This gave me quite a giggle. Very Cute!


Leigh said...

I went and checked them out, it's not Fabian. LOL! I didn't think so. I was kidding with him!

I know that he will be appreciateive of the show of support. That is the kind of guy Fabian is.


Snark Meister said...

Hi...this is rabid4radek (I went and made myself a blog last night, lol). Glad you got a kick out of it and hopefully he will too. These kinds of things happen when one has too much time on their hands before going to work and is messing around with Windows Movie Maker, lol.

Leigh said...

Oh! Cool! I will stop by and see you then Snark Meister. I am sure Fabian will love it. I think his brother might be jealous that he doesn't have one. Because he TOO is a sharp dressed man (smile, wink to Freddy & Zinnia). I love it, good job Snark!

Snark Meister said...

Thanks! I'm a musician, so I associate things with music and for some reason, that song just screamed "Fabian" to me, lol.