Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Wrap

We had a busy mother's day. It began by watching Big Daddy's mother who was participating in the state tennis tournament. She made the finals and ended up coming in second place in doubles. Good for her!
From there we went to my parent's house. My mother prepared a meal. I told her it was just wrong for her to prepare a meal for mine and my brother's families on Mother's Day. WRONG! That we should be taking her out. She, of course, didn't hear of it. She actually ordered alot of the food from Costa's Mediterranean Restaurant. She ordered pork and veggie kabobs, rice, Greek salad, garlic bread. She made chicken fingers & mac and cheese for the kids, as well as asparagus salad, punch, a pound cake, had cut up strawberries and pineapple. She went overboard, as always, tyring to see that there is something for everyone. One day, I vow I am going to send her and my dad on a cruise, where she can be waited on. But this mother's day from my family she got a blueberry bush.
My brother and his lovely and very pregnant wife were also at my parents home, in tow were their children...

We also counted the meal as a birthday celebration. My Dad will actually celebrate his birthday today. I will not say how old he is. When I was a young girl I was announcing a baseball game of my brother's at the ballpark and I announced his birthday on the loud speaker, he was not happy. One year my mother published it in the newspaper. He didn't speak to her for weeks. But I do want to wish my dad, Poppy a very happy birthday. I think my favorite Poppy memory is the time he and my mom went to a costume party. He dressed up (with my help) as a hippy. He looked more like Howard Stern (who I dispise). I couldn't stop laughing at him. He took on a new persona. My dad is a quiet person, private, doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve as I do, but when he put on that costume, it was so funny! I wish I could find the pictures I took of him wearing it. I am blessed to have you as my dad and celebrate everyday with you in it!
After I awoke Big Daddy from his afternoon nap (what's up with that? Isn't he supposed to be caring for some kids and me napping?), we left from my parents about 2:00. We kind of chilled around the house, picking up tree limbs on our property. There were several blown down from the storms during the night. At 6 we met my mother in law and bought her supper. Big Daddy's twin brother and his wife joined us there with their two children.
My sister in law gave me this sweet card. But it is I who am blessed that she is my sister in law.
While I am on the subject of Mother's, I have to make mention Big Daddy's mom. Years ago I wrote her a letter on Mother's Day, I thanked her for her son, who is now my husband. I thanked her for influencing the man he is today. I am so blessed to have him. And I am blessed to have her as my mother in law. I know so many people who do not care for their in laws, and I cannot imagine feeling anything of the sort. I have been so blessed. I am also blessed to be a mother to three healthy children that for the most part don't give me to much trouble. They do bring me much love and I cherish every moment that I am with them . J Smooth gave me this picture for Mothers Day.It is a picture of me that he drew himself. I think it looks just like me. I adore it almost as much as I do the artist. A blessed Mother's Day, now off to the stack of laundry that awaits....


Keetha said...

How is it that it is always the MEN who get to nap on Mother's Day? My daughter and I both want to know!!! I have TWO pictures very similar to your "Big Daddy's Nap" picture on MY BLOG today too.

Travis said...

I asked my mom once why she insisted on cooking when I wanted to take her to dinner on Mother's Day.

She told me that Mother's Day for her meant that she could do whatever she wanted and liked to do. And since she enjoyed cooking and wanted to do it, that's what she did.

There have been times when she wanted to be taken out to dinner too. So I always ask her which it'll be every year.

Keetha said...

BTW - - -Big Daddy's Mama is now my new HERO.

I can barely WALK and hold a tennis racket, much less run around swinging one.

Once a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away - - - The Big Fisherman TRIED to teach me to play tennis. After about 10 minutes, he caught the ball, came over and took the racket out of my hands, looked me deep in the eyes and said: "You can not play tennis, NEVER try again."

And I haven't!!!! :-)

But hey - - - - I'm a GREAT football spectator!!1

Drama Mama said...

That festival looks like fun-
Your mother is so cute!
No mother's day nappin took place at the Pond house! Bummer!