Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last words from the Beach Trip....

Just a few more funnies, things we talked about I thought worth mentioning from our girls beach trip last weekend...

Things I learned:

1. Do NOT run in a bikini. None of us did but we saw that happen several times at the beach while there. Really, you are not Pam Anderson. It makes for just a bad -well worse- episode of Baywatch.

2. Dancing can make you laugh, cry and pee. Sometimes at the same time. Proceed with caution.

3. Make sure, before leaving the house to go to the Flora Bama to check in the mirror. No one wants to go into anything looking like a lesbian truck driver. That was previlent.

4. NEVER dress the entire family exactly alike. Especially in plaid.

A funny line. My Fran Flo has got the funniest sense of humor and can deliver a funny line/comeback. She got to telling about her taking her car to the car wash and a man there telling her that she had the cutest dimples (she does). She immediately quipped back, "Have you been looking at my rearend?". Only Flo.

I wanted to thank my friends so much for their generosity while on the trip but especially these for going above and beyond:

Flo- Drinks, bags, crafts and my Lulu shirt
Carey-my Lulu's shirt, and my home fragrance vase
Kym- Supper from Home Plate Cooking and my bracelet

I treasure each one of your friendships and am happy to have made some more wonderful memories together!

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Lindsey said...

This was a great list! Hysterical!!!!!