Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dancing Freestyle, Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas

I hope that you had the opportunity to tune into the season finals of Dancing with the Stars on Monday night. It was an interesting night.
It began with a head to head cha-cha off. Each couple had to come up with a dance routine and compete back to back in the same song. The song? Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Ritchie-sung by the DWTS band. BTW- The band has done a really good job this season, in my opinion. And so we begin with the head to head cha cha...

Cristian does a leap off of the stage. I think Cristian was late on one the turns. They end with a cool sprinting slide maneuver...They did well, considering Cristian is still down to one arm. He has alot of that Latin flavor and moves his body with such intensity. But is it enough?

Next it's Jason and Edyta. The do a cute little body slide/snake move. Then I noticed that they missed a step and possibly a move in there. Sad for them. Jason just doesn't have the movements in his body to stand up to the Latin dances. He looks out of his element to me each time he performs them.

The Guchi then jumps out from stage left and plants a kiss on a startled Bruno, who screams "I love you!" Funny. She and Mark begin pumping up the crowd and their fist to the music. Mark and Kristi are so precise and fluid in their movements. I love to watch Mark dance. He is like a cartoon of a train rolling where you do not even see the wheels-you cannot see his feet. He is amazing and high energy. IN my opinion, they win the cha cha.

"How'd they do in the judges opinion's? Len loved it. He thinks Cristian has "all the gear in the rear" and that Kristi was the complete package. Bruno has Kristi's lipstick under his nose while he's gushing about the dancers. It is really funny. He praises Cristian's advancement through the season, points out to Jason that he missed some steps in his dance routine. Carrie Ann thought Cristian was fantastic but a little bit "clipped," liked Jason but thought his arms were stiff, and felt that The Guchi won it "hands down."


Cristian and Cheryl got a 26 out of 30 - two nines and an eight.
Carrie Ann gave an 8, Len gave an 8, and Bruno gave an 8 - for a disappointing 24 out of 30 for Jason and Edyta.
Kristie and Mark-The judges gave straight tens - 30 out of 30 for The Guchi.

Now it is Freestyle dancing. Anything goes. First up is Kristie and Mark. This is the video. I was BLOWN AWAY!!! Mark is such a talented choreographer. Amazing, really. I have watched DWTS since season one and to me, this was the best dance I have ever seen. They took risk with all of the lifts, etc and it paid off big. They did a super technical, super fast funk dance. Again, I am in awe.Bruno thought it was an inspiring synchronicity of mambo and hip hop. "Worthy of the championship!" Carrie Ann loved their kitchen sink approach. Len thought it was slick, quick, and "absolutely loved it." They get 10's across the board for a perfect 30.
Now it's Jason and Edyta with their freestyle. They are dancing to "Welcome to Miami". In it are lots of lifts, very ambitious. The crowd seems to really like it. I didn't think it stands up to Kristie and Marks freestyle. Carrie Ann loved all the lifts and Len really enjoyed the lifts and the playful nature of the choreography. Bruno is in need of a cold shower. The judges gave them straight nines across the board for 27 out of 30.
And finally it's Cristian and Cheryl. They are dancing a Latin number with lots of hip action, some one armed lift, and even a lift where he kind of shoots her up in the air with his knee. Very ambitious, and good choice on the dance. Since Cristian seems to have that shake and move built into his genetic make up he can still move well with one arm. However, I do not think it will hold to Kristie and Mark.Len liked the Latin flavor but was under whelmed by the lifts. Bruno thought Cristian was a "Latin stallion." Carrie Ann basically says that Cristian did great but wasn't as good as Kristi.Carrie Ann gave them a 9, Len awards an 8 and gets boos, and Bruno gives them a 9. Kristi and Mark are in 1st place with a perfect score, 60 points. Cristian and Cheryl are in 2nd place with 52 points, a slim lead over Jason and Edyta with 51 points in third place.

Worth mentioning-Did you see my fav's Marlee and Fabian watching in the audience? I also saw the ever talented (and should've won last year) Sabrina-Mark's girlfriend. Tune in tonight to see who wins the mirror ball trophy. All the couples who preformed this season will be welcomed back to the show (yes, we will have to endure another Monica Selles number. God Bless her-I completely can identify.). It will be exciting to see everyone return. I cannot wait to see Fabian and Marlee perform. So tune into tonight on ABC at 8PM CST!


Mrs. Jules said...

Hey Leigh, I did tune in lastnight and loved watching Kristi and Mark. I just now caught up with your previous posts and saw that you are now a DWTS choreographer...you go, girl! ;)

Leigh said...

In my dreams Ms, Jules. I have about as much groove as Al Gore has personality.......

Travis said...

Kristi & Mark really shut the other two down on the final performance night. Both dances were amazing.

Jason and Cristian did well, but Kristi was just head and shoulders above both of them.