Sunday, May 4, 2008

Indianapolis 5K Mini Marathon

(Photo Courtesy of Marathon Web Site)

On Saturday morning, I awoke at 7Am, hurriedly threw on some clothes and quiet left the family sleeping in our hotel room at the Westin. Right outside the quiet of our hotel room it looked like a sea of people. It was as if someone had stuck a stick in an ant bed and had the residents in a scurry. The reason, it was the 5K Indianapolis Mini Marathon, and the starting line was just a few blocks up from my hotel (The Westin) and went beyond as far as my eye could see. My cousin Jason had told me, "You have to get up and see it, just the wave of thousands of people running down the street at you is a sight-go take some pictures".

(Photo Courtesy of Marathon Web Site)

From my vantage point, the pictures do no justice in giving anyone the sense of thousands of people before me. I asked for rooftop access earlier from my hotel but was not allowed. And there was no way to cross a street to look for a parking deck. Gates were up A-Z to section off about 200 people per letter to line up in the start line. It certainly was interesting. I had never been to a race of this size with the large numbers of runners competing.

(Photo Courtesy of Marathon Web Site)

The winner of the marathon was actually a tie. Two Kenyans, friends, placed a controversial finish. It was evident to many who watched the proper winner, but in my opinion, race officials not wanting to disqualify anyone from their race granted a tie. To read more on the race visit the official web site.

(photo by Leigh)

This woman had gotten up early to cheer on her friend Stephanie. Her sign read Stephanie you've gone so far!! ( Meet you later at the Bar)

(Photo By Leigh)

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