Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cheeseburger in Paradise, Indiana

On Thursday evening I arrived in Indianapolis. In tow were three children and a husband-all tired and hungry. The natives were restless and it required immediate nourishment. Cheeseburger in Paradise called our name, with it's bright lights and island flair, like a roadside oasis. We were lucky, we arrived at a time where there was no wait in being seated. Our waitress brought over a menu of delights and in no time our decisions were made and orders places. I ordered an appetizer of sweet potato chips, which was just that,f ried sweet potato chips, dusted with a special seasoning blend $3.99. I don't know what I expected, something I think more similar to the Baha Burger's Sweet Potato Fries, but it was just as it was worded-chips. While they were good, I wasn't in the mood for chips, I wanted something with more "stick". The other members in my fmaily turned their noses up to a vegetable that they wouldn't eat fried of otherwise.
In no time our "real" food arrived. Bama and J Smooth both opted for the Cheeseburger in Paradise. Smooth's was a miniature version from the "Little Parakeets" menu. Bama ordered his minus the vegetables. Both burgers were cooked to well done perfection. Both versions got the kid seal of approval.

Big Daddy favored the Jerk Chicken Wings. While not as hot as he would've liked them to be, he said that they were very good. Sister Sledge ordered the Captains Mac and Cheese. It came with a side item. To me, the mac and cheese looked straight from the blue box, but kids love the blue box. Sledge lapped hers up. I was tired of road trip junk food and wanted something healthy. When my eyes read the ingredients of the Son of a Sailor Salad; Cucumbers, wontons, asparagus and tomatoes in a fresh salad mix tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette, I was in. When it was delivered to our table, it was not only to be a feast for my tummy, it was also one for my eyes! My salad was delicious! I couldn't eat it all, but I ate until I was full. I will be dreaming about this salad for days, it was that good.

Throughout the meal there was live music, playing both Jimmy Buffett tunes as well as some great and familiar songs where you cannot help but sing along. I imagine Jimmy has covered many of those songs in his thousands of concerts. The music was good, the food was good. Jimmy Buffett's famous song came to life at Cheeseburger In Paradise as we waved goodbye to the real world and escape to paradise-if for only a short time. We were all happy campers by the time we left "Paradise". We look forward to a future trip. I only wish one were in Alabama.


HEWY said...

So cool. Open a franchise in HELENA! We lost one while you were out of town.

Leigh said...

Hewy-I read online about Brickworks. I was saddened to hear about it. I liked the food there.

Keetha said...

Glad you're back - - - pictures are all great. Sounds like you enjoyed your little excursion to MY state. :-)

Dullbert said...

From the looks of that picture a more appropriate name might have been "Cheeseburger In The Middle Of Nowhere". Glad y'all had fun.

Keetha said...

Oh - - - - but that is SO Indiana - - - "In the middle of no where"


Some of us LIKE it that way.

Leigh said...

Keetha-I enjoyed the trip. Indianpolis ins one of the cleanest cities and has so much to do there.

Dullbert- It does look like it is sitting in the middle of a cow pasture. But it is actually off of I-65. It was sitting on the top of the exit ramp almost and I snapped the pic hurriedly as we passed by.