Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tap into Talent in the Sanchez Family

When I was at Freddy and Zinnia's house, I was looking and was impressed at their artwork on the walls, when I discovered that the artist was none other than Freddy's Dad, Freddy Sanchez. What a talent!!
I asked Zinnia if he sold his artwork, and to my delight he does! I was thrilled to see the University of Alabama print. That is going to be Bama's birthday gift. I am going to order myself a Downtown Birmingham print. Prices are VERY reasonable. If you are interested in looking at or purchasing some of Freddy Sanchez's artwork, go to his web site:

This from his website:

Birmingham-based artist, Freddy Sanchez started painting as a young child in his home town of Cali, Colombia. Sanchez moved to the U.S. to earn a masters degree in architecture from Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. Over the last 22 years, he has built a successful career with architectural firms such as Dampier-Harris and Associates, Giattina, Fisher and Co., Davis Black and Associates, James W. Buckley & Associates in Georgia, and Harris & Assoc. Architects.
“Birmingham Downtown” came about from the simple desire to have an original work of art hanging in the living room. Freddy Sanchez proclaims, “I love Birmingham. It is so green, so beautiful. That’s why I did the painting - to have Birmingham in my home.” This painting is the first in the "Cities & Institutions" series of oil paintings that blend his South American roots and skill as an architect. His artistic style is defined by use of bold colors and the linear placement of architectural elements.
Starting with a blank canvas, Sanchez wields his brush to create a playground of vibrant color. Iconographic places emerge from the canvas, revealing a perspective from the artist’s eye. He explains, “I explore the richness of form and color in a city or an institution, highlighting its exquisite architecture and colorful symbols.” Limited Edition Art prints of the original oil paintings, signed and numbered by the artist, Open Edition Art prints and Matted Photo Art are now available online.


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Wow! They have one incredibly talented family!

Travis said...

What a creative group!