Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dancing With the Stars 4-21

As most of you know, last night was a Dancing with the Stars evening. We shaked things up a bit by going with another plan. Most often we have gone to the Stardome Comedy Club to take in the show, but last night the Sanchez family were gracious enough to invite my motley crew over for the show. Last night was a fun night for the show because there was a group dance as well as the partner dance. I thought Marlee and Fabian's outfits were gorgeous!! I am so envious of Marlee's mid section! Wow! Freddy made ice cream sundaes for everyone, except me- I will gladly report, for I resisted temptation. Marlee's abs staring at me was good enough incentive to pass up the ice cream. I want some of those. I know, wishful thinking......

So on with the show ! Here is the performance rundown of the evening....

Jason and Edyta-I missed some of their performance. The scores-Carrie Ann: 8 Len: 8 Bruno: 8. It's a good score, even though the judges were a bit critical of their performance.
Shannon and Derek- They did a rumba to Cyndi Laper tune. While they did a good job, Shannon looks a bit awkward on the dance floor. She is a good dancer, though she seems to be a bit clumsy. I think it is her height? Bruno thought they were "sizzling", but says she has got to work on her footwork. Carrie Ann forged some positive comments, but Len was more kind, this time. The scores... a 24 total out of 30. Straight eights across the board.
Next up, my couple Marlee and Fabian- Dancing his specialty the Mambo, with the encouragement of the Fonz himself, who is one of Marlee's closet confidants. I thought they made a good go of it. Marlee is doing a very impressive job to not be able to hear the music. Mambo is a dance where you have to feel the music in your soul and react to it. Fabian's talent as an instructor is evident in all of Marlee's performances. Carrie Ann and Len both thought it looked "uncomfortable". Bruno was much nicer. Their score, 21 out of 30. Straight sevens from the judges. I am holding my breath in hopes public votes will keep them in it.

In a brief side note, Marlee called Freddy this week and told him that she wanted to fly he and Fabian's mother out to the show as a surprise to Fabian. Freddy called his mom, telling her, "Marlee called and wants to fly you out to the show", he said he took quite convincing that Freddy wasn't pulling her leg at that it was for real. I saw Mrs. Sanchez in the audience last night, I know it probably thrilled Fabian for Marlee to do that. These two are truly a team of support for one another.

Christian and Cheryl-They are dancing the foxtrot tonight. Someone in group mention that she looks like a flamingo. Len said that it was their best dance, and "if Cristian and Cheryl are in the bottom two", he would show his bum at a supermarket. That remains to be seen, literally. Bruno thought it was a good performance and that Cristian's footwork was good. Carrie Ann loved it.
Cristian is happy, he hugs Tom Bergeron and anyone else in proximity. The couple earns straight nines from all three, for a total of 27.
Marissa and Tony danced the Viennese waltz. I somehow missed their performance but I did see the scoring, Bruno liked it, Carrie Ann seemed unsure , and Len thought she looked like a royalty. The scores are 9 from Carrie Ann, an 8 from Len, and a 9 from Bruno. 26 out of 30 - a great score. Marissa was beyond excited. I am happy for them.
Kristie and Marks dance for the night was the jive. Bama said she looked to be wearing a Minnie Mouse costume. Mark looks like a cross between Eddy Munster and some kid from revenge of the nerds. Their footwork was incredible. Bama and I comment on the intensity in the kicks. Carrie Ann gives it a "HELL YEAH!" Len thought it was a smorgasbord. Bruno thought it was "TOP-QUALITY-HIGH-DEFINITION-ENTERTAINMENT!!!!" I think the judges liked it? The score, 10! 10! 10 (with Brunos fist in the air)! It is the first perfect score of the season.
Mario and Katrina- Mario begins to unbutton his shirt. I wonder, for a moment if the channel got changed to movie channel when I see that Katrina looks to be wearing a bed sheet with a teddy underneath. NO, it's still DWTS. They are dancing a steamy rumba. The scores-Len liked it, but he didn't like the raunchy characterization. I think he would've preferred the passion but not the overall tone of their dance. He used the words "strumpet" and "gigolo", LOL! Bruno loved it so much they had to edit him for saying something naughty. I completely missed what he said. The producers of the show must have been sitting on that edit button while they danced in anticipation of the dance getting carried away. Carrie Ann thought it was "better than good sex" though she did warn she would penalize Katrina for a lift in the dance. The scores -Carrie Ann 9 , Len gives a 9, and Bruno gives "A SMOKING HOT TEN!!!"

Freddy recorded the show so we went back and watched a few of the dances again. I still missed Marissa's somehow. I love her infectious joy!
Be sure to vote for Fabian and Marlee! Keep them in it! You have until noon today!
Musical guest Ashlee Simpson takes the stage tonight on the results show. I am just counting down to Def Leopard! Also tonight, a troupe from renowned Irish dance show Riverdance performs! I am getting out my skirt right now in anticipation.........


"J" said...

You know I voted and I voted fo rmy BFF at work! I have her log-In for ABC.com!!!! =) She said whoever I wanted to vote for was cool with her!!! =)

"J" said...

I forgot to say the ice cream looks sooooooooooooooooooo good! I would have had one for sure!!!!

They seem like such a GREAT & FUN family!

Michelle said...

I screamed when I saw Fabian coming out because I KNEW this was HIS dance.. I think they did an OUTSTANDING job with it.. Marlee is so graceful and sexy too.. Not bad for a mom of 4! WOW is all I gotta say!!! I think they got ripped off though with the judges.. But I guess now they are trying to weed out people they think are WEAK.. WHATEVER.. IMO, they showed how STRONG they were last night.. If the MAMBO is a song that is DRIVEN by the music and Marlee cannot HEAR the music and did such a marvelous performance, how DARE they use her hearing disability against her! She AND Fabian did awesome!!

Travis said...

Nice review. We did throw a few votes to Marlee and Fabian because we'd like to see her get one more dance that doesn't depend so much on musicality. We loved the ballroom styles they did earlier in the show.