Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dancing With the Stars 4-14

In regards to Monday nights Dancing with the Stars, ahem (clears throat and steps onto her soapbox) Am I missing something here? I do not understand why Fabian and Marlee are being scored so low in comparison with other dancers who certainly are not any better than Fabian and Marlee. I just don't understand. I questioned myself, am I biased of Fabian and Marlee because I know Fabian? I thought and pondered, a resounding, NO. I watched the show with a fine tuned eye, I am now looking for missteps in dance routines. I concede that Marlee had a misstep or two but I don't think she missed as many as Marissa or Priscilla, for example. It really chaps my hide. I just simply do not get it. But I am voting.....and this is where you all come in. You all have to get the votes in to keep Fabian and Marlee in it. You HAVE Got to! (stepping down from the podium)
We had fun tonight at the Stardome with the Sanchez family. I met Freddy and Fabian's mom for the first time. She was a sweet heart. After my introduction Freddy and his mother began speaking Spanish, to which I know very little. "I know you are talking about me" I said, referencing a Seinfeld episode in which Elaine fears her manicurist are talking about her.
"I was just telling mom that you were a former stripper..." Freddy chimed in. "Yes, I gave her a hand up and saved her from that life" Big Daddy laughed. Of course they were both joking!! Please know that. I just adore this family they are always so infectious with smiles and laughter.
Here are some photo's from our night of cheering Fabian and Marlee on:

Leigh, Zinnia (Big Daddy is now referring to as Zinnia-Princess Warrior), Big Daddy and Freddy. Zinnia, you can clearly see what is wrong with the picture, and it's not our men.

A, T and J-The Sanchez Boys (T's mom, and Fabian's wife, Jackie was there giving dance lessons between commercial breaks)

Sister Sledge and J Smooth

Old School- Big Daddy, Leigh and Freddy

Ashley, Freddy and Fabian's mom-Mrs. Sanchez, her brother Juan and his daughter Veronica. Let me just say, Bama, you could've sat at this table....Yep, he is kicking himself.

I have already begun my premedication for Tuesday night's results show with a heavy dosage of Peptobismal, as has become routine. Come on, Fabian and Marlee! Come on, people! Get in the votes!!!! You have until Tuesday noon to vote online. What are you waiting for?
Go Team Matlin/Sanchez!


Charnita's Xpressions said...

I voted....
those Monday night parties look like such fun!
Maybe my C needs to come sit with your Sledge!!! She is too cute!

"J" said...

I voted!!! I voted for my brother and Shad and my BFF at work Courtney!!!! HE HE HE!!!

We are all in on it this week!!!!

I agree with you on the judges! It's more of a popularity contest than a dance contest! Ugh....they are pissing me off!!!!

Keep up the GREAT work Marvelous Marlee & Fab Fabian =) You guys ROCK!

"J" said...

I posted about the vote! I also did a link to your blog! Hope you don't mind?!?!? =)

Mrs. Jules said...

Heading to the site to vote!

The Roaming Southerner said...

you've got some bling at my blog! come over!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Oh, I hope they are safe!

ThursdayNext said...

Yes and is everyone else remembering that Matlin is doing amazingly well despite not really being able to hear? I love her and hope they go all the way!

Lex said...

im pretty sure you have a very baised opinion regarding dancing with the stars

Leigh said...

Thank you so much Charnita, J and Mrs Jules for voting.

Thx to Charnita, J and Hewy for sending link love Fabians way. Got to spread the word and fan up the Fabian Fever/Marlee Madness.

Thank you Southener-I am so touched and flattered. And eager to spread the bling.

Welcome to our lives- I AM SO ELATED THEY ARE SAFE!!

Thursday Next-I am most impressed with Marlee and her dedication, as well as Fabian, his skills as an instructor are apparent. They are both very talented.

Lex-Either myself or Big Daddy is going to take you in the backyard when I see you and whoop your tail end.

Lindsey said...

You are so stinkin' cute and so are your kiddos:)