Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last Dance

In case you missed it (and if you did, you had better have a good excuse for not watching), tonight Marlee and Fabian danced their last dance as a couple on Dancing With the Stars.
I know it is just a TV show, and I knew at some point there was the potential of them going home....but I didn't expect to tear up. Geez, first the hair and now this. Clearly I am hormonal.
But seriously, I think it is because, as you might can guess, I have been so emotionally invested in seeing my friend, Fabian go as far as he could in the show. (Ya, think?)

I must say this, to Fabian (because I know you read the blog when you can) and to his family who log in, I am so proud of Fabian and Marlee!!!

Fabian, you have shown the world that has been watching what a very talented and highly trained dancer you are, but beyond that the world has gotten to know you a bit personally through their television sets. They have seen the guy that I knew in high school, one that hasn't changed a of great humility, compassion and the ability to find humor and laughter in all things. For your very first season, I can certainly say that I do not think you could've had a better partner in Marlee.
Marlee, I know for a fact that you have made Fabian so proud! Not to mention the entire Sanchez family (especially Freddy!!!). I think you and Fabian were a perfect match for one another. I know that though you both may have lost a weekly dance partner, you have both gained something even better, a lifetime friend. That I know for a fact, there is no doubt.
I appreciate Fabian, his gorgeous wife Jackie (who has yet to report me as a stalker, LOL!), Marlee, Freddy and Zinnia, and the entire Sanchez family for allowing me to participate in the excitement right along with all of you. You have all been so unbelievably gracious.

Mucho Gracias!!!

Personally speaking, I want to thank all the bloggers who joined in the quest to see Fabian and Marlee continue. You have all been so kind and supportive! Special thanks to J, Sweet Caroline, Travis, Hewy, Charnita and The Roaming Southerner who have gone well out of their way to help spread the word by phone calls from multiple landlines, computers, links of love. Forgive me if I missed anyone, for the appreciation is there. Thanks so much!
Congratulations Fabian and Marlee!
Fabian, my heart swells with pride!! Let's look at you're leaving the show this way.....I am not sure you are much of a hip hop dancer (oh, I kid)...Maybe I can teach you a few moves in anticipation of the fall debut of Dancing with the Stars. I have a great dance to the tune of "Low". Hugs and Kisses Fabian! Now it is time to celebrate a job well done!

Be sure and look below for a slide show of Fabian's time on Dancing with the Stars! Move mouse over pics for captions.


jennifer said...

Oh Leigh, of course you teared up! This meant a lot to you and you have been a wonderful friend to Fabian. I don't know how stars works, but is there a chance he could dance another season with someone else?

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


tricki_nicki said...

Oh, I didn't watch it! I'm so sad they aren't going to be on there anymore - I loved them!

Leigh said...

Jennifer-I am waiting for Fall season-he'll be back!

Trickie Nickie-I know...

jennifer said...

Hey! I am so glad that you found you award and were comfortable with the reference to Honky Tonk B-Donkey Donk. Cause, that is SUCH a compliment! LOL

Have a great day Leigh. Get you hand out of the M&M's bag and quit mourning for Fabian. Like you said, he'll be back in the FALL!

Have a happy day!


Terri said...

Awww....that's so sad. I didn't get a chance to watch yet. I usually get the 'fever' when it's down to the top 5 or 6. It was wonderful to see him represent Birmingham in such a positive and joyful way. I think the country loved him as much as you did.

When he returns home, throw him a fiesta!!

(just don't invite him to dance class)

"J" said...

I'm so very sad! I think they deserved to be there!!! I could have booted a few other dancers off!!! =( Boooooo-Whooooo! So who are we pulling for now? I'm thinking Mr."HOT PANTS/LONG LEGS"!!! Um Um Um!!! I know...TMI!!!

I'm so sad! I really got into the show because I felt I knew them on a personal level! =( It's not going to be the same next week!!! Booooooo-Whooooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

That was a very sweet post/send-off Leigh! When I saw them standing there in the bottom two, I thought for sure that it would be the other couple going home. How I wished that they could have stayed one more week. They were a joy to watch, and I'm sure they leave the show with lots of happy & fun memories!

Travis said...

I really enjoyed getting to know Fabian on the show, and I hope he continues as a regular partner.

Plus I got to meet you!

Z said...

That was beautifully written. I don't know about Freddy and Fabian but I don't see you as a stalker and neither does Jackie.

Many thanks to you and everyone else for casting their votes for Marlee and Fabian.

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Oh, I'm so sad for you! You are such an awesome friend- I wish I knew you in person!

Leigh said...

Jennifer-That was awesome! Thanks, I am honored!

Terri-Indeed! They did great. Maybe we need to enroll in HIS dance class!

J-I know!Thanks for all of your votes and for spreading the word. I dont know who I am for now. I guess it would be either Marissa and Tony (love them-great attitudes)or Kristie and Mark-who I think will win. I think you are referring to Jason Taylor-that is who Freddy's wife likes too.

Sweet Caroline-First let me say to you-did you see that Neil Diamond will be the guest singer/celeb on Idol next week? I am already singing your song in my head! Ok, onto your comment,I really appreciate that! I am so proud of them.

Travis-THX! I feel the same.Alwyas happy to meet someone new.

Z-Warrior Princess- I am so glad that you commented! Thanks for having us over. We just love ya'll! And the words here are genuine. Thank you...and thanks to ya'll for not reporting me. I am harmless, huh? LOL!

Welcome to Our Lives-that is the sweetest thing you said. You made my day. I too wish that you lived closer. We would certainly go canoeing!!!Did you see my questions on your post about it?