Friday, April 4, 2008

Dance, Dance Dance

I went to my hip hop dance class last night. I love the new dance we are doing. It doesn't seem as complicated as the other two dances we have done. This will be the one that me and Flossie Beth break out at the next party at her house. It goes to the song, "Low". That's the song my daughter will NOT quit singing and now it is stuck in my brain too.
Last night my dance "fran" Terri confided a secret to me. One she had not mentioned before. She has been blogging and being secretive about her blog! This is the second person! Why? I don't know. Both bloggers blogs are totally cool, not as lame as mine. And hers has a cool name, she is the Yarn Whore. Her blog is actually Confessions of a Yarn Whore. I am just a general rambler and a premenopausal middle aged woman at that. A high school friend (John C) suggested I change it to "Sweet Sugar from my Arse". I don't even know what that means. What in the world? Then again, consider the source. Well, I am stuck with it now, "the rambler".

Getting back to Terri, you should really take a look at her blog and give her lots of positive feedback. Terri is also a master masseuse, one that has had her hot yarning hands on the likes of Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Toby Keith, Aerosmith and Art Garfunkel, to name just a few. I asked her if I could start carrying her massage table. Please, Terri? If you reading this, ever get into a knot and need a fix, she is in the Helena area. For a play on Heart's words-"she's got the magic hands. She's a magic Wo-man! "
Last night Chesney, my dance coach, asked me to do some head shots for her. She is doing call backs for the Hannah Montana movie (another HM movie, Chesney tried out as a backup dancer) and some other movie, which the name escapes me. I sure hope she gets it! Chesney is so talented. And I think she has a great advantage, in addition to her dancing, she has such a striking and unique look. She is downright gorgeous. When I take get her headshots done, I am posting. She is jaw dropping beautiful.
In other dance news, Chesney and I were talking recently about going out to dance clubs. I asked her if she ever just breaks out one of her dances at a club. I imagined a scene from Footloose, where everyone crowds around her to watch. She laughed at me. She said that she does do dance routines. "It's better than the alternative". She said that dance in clubs today is not as it once was. Today she says it is a grind fest. She said she really hates to go out for that very reason. I say, leave the grind in the bedroom, dance on the dance floor, people! I assumed that was the case today, though hated to think of it. I really don't care to see other people's private moments.
She said that men and women- strangers-will just walk up and start grinding, sex simulation. That's why she hates to go out.
Have mercy! I am officially old. I mean, I think there is something to be said for not putting it all out there. Mystery isn't so bad, in fact, it's a good thing. What happened to the days of the hustle, the bus stop, moves like Footloose and Saturday Night Fever? There are so many dances that are so sexy but danceable (I think if a ton of Latin dances). I just don't get it. I will just stick to my hip hop and see if anyone crowds around when I break it out next time I am out on the town. I wonder if folks will gasp at me the way I would at them and their dances. Somehow I think they might, and not in a good way. Though, it might give the song "Low" a whole new meaning.


Anonymous said...

My second grade son has figured out the lyrics to Low--not just the chorus, which is catchy because who doesn't want to "give that big booty a slap." He has the other parts figured out, which are downright nasty. And yet....we can't stop singing it. I have a "carpool playlist" on my iPod for those mornings I drive them to school (4 out of 5 days a week probably) and that's the first song on it (followed by Taylor Swift, my latest guilty pleasure).

That said, we must have a talk with Big Daddy about why you don't have an iPod. Shameful.

Terri said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I'm going to have to use this tag-line somewhere "leave the grind in the bedroom, dance on the dance floor". That is the funniest line I've heard in a very long time!


The Roaming Southerner said...

HAhaahah that is the meaning of the song "Low." If it is the song I'm thinking of...

Does it go "from the windows to the wall..."?

Seriously though, you are hilarious...are you going to post a video of this one? And can you be in it!?!?

Leigh said...

Bossy-my entire fmaily, with the exception of Bama, sing this song. It gets in your head and will not leave. I had to make Big Daddy quit playing big butts in the car b/c I said "not appropriate for kids" and now this....Yes. I will be talking to BD about an Ipod. It is quite shameful.

Terri- Anytime! And girl, dont ya kow it's the truth? Have mercy, for real.

Southener-I think it is. It says reboks with the fur, something about looking at her...and HECK NO~! Are you CRAZY? Ok maybe if get crazy enough, just for laughs. There still is that hidden video that my son took of me dancing. It is so dnag funny, but quite humiliating.

OH-BTW BOssy-bog boot a slap, I added a little move to that line in the dance class. I think Chesney (dance coach ) liked it.

"J" said...

I went and told Confessions of a Yarn Whore hello!!!! =)

"J" said...

Oh yeah...


I can't stand all! It makes me SICK to walk in to a dance club and see all the people humping up on one another!!! YUCK!


Leigh said...

Amen, Sister J! For real, now!
and so glad you spred some blog love to the yarn whore.