Monday, March 31, 2008


While I am still trying to get beyond the crud, which I am accounting directly to the green pollen that has powered everything outside, I had a nice weekend.
On Saturday we cheered J Smooth on at his flag football game. I think his team won (there is no scoreboard, and I am not a football aficionado so honestly, it is anyone's guess). He had a good time, that is really all that counts..

In other sports news, Bama won his doubles match that he played out of town this past weekend. And finally, my father in law Ernie competed in a marathon in Boston. I have such pride and admiration for this man. He is truly an inspiration. He is eighty three years of age, with a multitude of health problems (including Parkinson's, congestive heart failure, etc.) and continues to act like a clone of the energizer bunny. He is amazing!

Saturday evening we were to meet Big Daddy's family at Outback for our nephew Joe's birthday. My brother in law was to go early and get seats at 4:30, so by the time the remaining family arrived at 5, we thought we would be ok and not have to wait long. We arrived a few minuted before 5, with my mother in law and mother arriving closely behind. Missing, was my brother in law, who was no where to be found. He drug in after 5......and we were seated around 6:20. Our food took forever, we left at 8:30!! I like Outback, but what is the deal with the mass of people waiting to get in there? Isn't there a good steak to be found at other restaurants? Being a vegetarian, I do not know. What I do know is for my supper I ate Big Daddy's chopped blue cheese salad. YUM! It is just what is says, chopped lettuce, green onions, carrot and radish's with a very small sprinkling (I had 2 small pieces) of blue cheese served in a vinaigrette dressing. Oh, it was delicious, but not worth waiting over an hour to be seated. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Outback too, but just do not understand why there is ALWAYS a wait. There are other good restaurants in the area. Hmmm? Pondering the thought....

When Big Daddy and I arrived I heard someone yell Big Daddy's name, it turns out it was a guy we went to highschool with, John. We haven't seen John in 20 years, thought we did talk to him on the phone about 6 years ago. I cannot think of laughing as much as I did last night. John is still the same ole prankster he always was. The guy is C-R-A-Z-Y!! At one point he convinced our waitress that he was a star from yesterday and told her that he would be happy to sign something for her. He said that he would be happy to send her some free promotional stuff if she wanted. The little girl looked on with much wonder. You would have to know John to know, that this is the prankster he is. Actually John is a happily married father of two, with no experience in any sort of entertainment industry, that is if you don't count his rock band, for which he is the drummer. It really was great to see this perpetual jokester who provided more than a few laughs for the evening.

We went back to our house to celebrate Joe's birthday with cake. His choice of cake was a Bob the Builder Cake, to which Joe proudly sang the theme song.

I had a chuckle at the cake. I questioned what it was that Bob was shoveling up. True. I have a warped sense of humor like that of my mother's side of the family (BD also shares it too). I never did get a straight answer....

I am really proud of myself. Yesterday I ran 3 miles on my treadmill, lifted weights and then added yet another dance to my dance repertoire': belly dancing. So now I am doing hip hop, salsa and belly during the week. It is really alot of fun! Belly dancing really works the waist line and opens up the hips. I used muscles I never knew I had! If you cannot find a belly dancing class, fit TV offers one on Sunday's and I think Tuesday's, and there are also some great instructional DVD's. I really despise to exercise and having the dance in my routine helps to break it up a bit. With this I am helping to feed my inner Shakira. Sure, right now my hips do lie, but I am hoping that with 6 weeks of it, they will not.

Lastly, don't forget that tonight is Dancing with the Stars on ABC at 7PM. If you live in the area, the Star Dome Comedy Club in Hoover is hosting a viewing party. The kitchen and bar are both open-and there are FREE dance lessons. Last week was alot of fun with Big Daddy, Fabian's brother, Freddy and my cousin, Gina. Be sure to tune in and see the wonderful thing that Fabian and Marlee got to do for some children in need. Where ever you should decide to watch, do indeed watch and even more important, VOTE (for Fabian). There are three ways to vote: online, text messaging and computer. If you use a computer I urge you to download the program at where it will vote for you hundreds of times vs the 5-16 voted you might get...but everything helps.
Thanks for your support of Fabian. I know for a fact that he really appreciates your support.

Finally, I thought this is worth mentioning. A teacher at one of my children's school is asking for help. He husband, Jeff is suffering from Spinocerebellar Ataxia, a rare genetic disorder. The disorder affects his fine motor skills and if not treated he will quickly lose the ability to walk, talk and see. There is no cure and no treatment available in the USA. However, China offers a breakthrough treatment for people with SCA. It has already helped many people regain their motor skills.

The family is trying to raise $40,000 to send Jeff Crowe to China for treatments. Jeff is 35 years old and a highschool science teacher at Bessemer Academy. His wife Leslie is a 4th grade teacher at Helena Intermediate. The couple have two children. The family needs to raise 40,000 by April 11th. If you feel led to help, you can send checks made to:
"Jeff Crowe Assistance Fund"
c/o Helena Intermediate School.
3500 Highway 52
Helena, Alabama 35080
Telephone: 205/682-5520 Fax: 205/682-5525
Have a wonderful week. We'll chat soon (perhaps even today...) Hope you survive the pollen!


Anonymous said...

Way to Go Leigh (belly dancing ;)
Way to Go Ernie (how sweet)
Happy B-day Joe (cute kid/cake)
Crazy John = Free entertainment :D
Dancing w/the Stars - Gotcha!

Leigh said...

Thanks Sweet Caroline
Bum, Bum, Bum
Good times never seem so good
I've been inclined to believe it never would....

Sorry, getting acrried away, but I couldn't help myself....when I see your name.

ThursdayNext said...

Leigh, thank you for visiting Eyre Affairs! I am so happy to visit here for the first time; what a lovely blog...and what a lovely family you have! The warmth felt is abundant! As for belly dancing, I did that a few years ago myself and enjoyed it so very much! :)

Dullbert said...

looks like ole Bob lost part of his lower intestine in some kind of industrial accident.

"J" said...

Way to go on the yesterday work out!!! =) That rocks! Shad and I bought we are going to go trail riding behind our apartments!!! You can read about it in my new post!!!

I have to start working out!!! We went to my Paw-Paw's 93rd b-day party on Saturday...each and every year I take a pic with him...I won't be posting the pic becasue I look like a FAT HUGE COW!!! I'm so upset!!! Pictures don't lie!!! So Shad and I are on a health kick as of today! Wish me luck!!!

The Roaming Southerner said...

Wow, a big post I don't know where to begin to comment.

Let's just start with your cute hair cut! When did this happen? EONS ago and I just a clue and noticed? It looks so cute. LOVES iT!

and I agree with dullbert...the intestine picking up ability of Bob the Builder is magnificant

HEWY said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Leigh said...

Thursday Next- LOVE the belly dancing.

Dullbert-I couldn't have said it better myself.

J_-I am headed there now to tun e in. We used to have bikes but they got stolen at our old house. Where we live now is no tcondisive to bikes, alot of hills. Unless you go to the state park, which I would love to do.
Happy birthday to your Pawpaw. That is GREAT! ANd YOU ARE NOT A BFc (BIG FAT COW) Don't even talk like that. You are a beautiful woman! To bad you dont live close to motivate me and do it together.

Southerner-Same cute, needs to be cut. I despertaly want something new, something sassy and edgy.... still looking for ideas. You are right, Dullbert hit the nail on the head.

Thanks Hewy! hey, did you go to the comedy club? Did you enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

So Freddy really IS Fabian's brother! My son kept telling me "Julian says his uncle is on Dancing with the Stars" but Julian...well, don't get me started LOL

My mom and her over 50 Sunday School babes have started bellydancing. I sure have enough belly to be out there dancing! LOL

Leigh said...

FReedy IS his bor. Alex speaks no lies. He is correct. Oh, my gosh... are all of our kids in the same class?

Leigh said...

Oh, now I see Julian....little bro. Ok, I have to much pollen in my head. Sorry, but yes, Julian is correct. And yes, Freddy be his big Daddy.