Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloggy BFF

Remember back to elementary school when you had your first crush on someone. It all began so innocently, talks, passing one another notes, where you were asked to check yes or no, if you liked so and so? Or perhaps you remember your first best friend, someone you just enjoyed being with, hanging out with, talking as well as listening to one another's most sordid tales...that is as sordid as it can be as a child. She was just so cool.

Well, something happened to me yesterday that was as sweet and innocent as those childhood moments, The Roaming Southerner has chosen me as one of her Bloggy Be Frie's (that's"Frans" in Leigh speak). (Jumping up and down...but not as manic as Tom Cruise) I am sooo excited. An award! I am so touched, so moved, so downright gleeful. Thank ya mam! And girl, I'd give that award right back to ya.
The award is to go out to those in the bloggy world that you have befriended, though never met-or at least until after "meeting" on your blog. It is asked that I declare and spread some bloggy love too. I never want to leave anyone feeling left out, like I did in 5th grade in PE class when I was chosen last for the kickball team because I had no athletic skills. Ok, I sucked. And I don't want anyone reading to think they suck. And this blog is my form of therapy for getting those things out. I appreciate anyone that reads, you are my couch. I just unload...

I am just going to spread to those I am feeling are really worthy at this moment....(and who leave comments-"It's like good mail!")
And my Bloggy Be Frie's go out to....

Dullbert-because he makes me laugh every single day. What can be better than someone you can depend on for a laugh. No one can serve up a cup of dung laden coffee like he can. (And most importantly, he will jump off a building if I don't call him out.-even though he is way to cool and manly to post the award on his blog)
Hewy- Because he is like the girl you go to, to tell you what is the latest happening so you will also be in the know. He has the scoop everything you want to know. It'slike CNN locally. It's a compliment Hewy, look beyond the fact that I referred to you as a girl. To girls, it's a compliment. And Hewy, I will equally not be offended for not posting. I understand.
Michelle- Because she needs some love spread her way and Because she is sweet as pie. Honestly, I do not know if it counts though, because I knew you preblog? Hmm?
My girl "J" (Jeannnnnnnn) because I can always count on you! And because we will both wear a big sombrerro and not think twice of it. (Dang, I am going to post a pic when my y drive is repaired...)
Charnita-my soul sista, so many commonalities. My first "self declared" stalker. I am so honored.
Tricky Nicki-no one can wear bird poop and hang with "two guys named Juan" better than you!
Bossy Pants- Why? Because your bossy! Not really, but you are stinking hilarious with your dry wit.
Welcome to our Lives-Cutest Fam
Jessica-Inspiration! Martha Stewart, only better. Much better.
Abbey-A look back. You can spin some good tales. Who else could make those Peace loving days as a California flower child look so interesting.
Lulu-Corona's Best Fran
Lindsey-A day without a MMinism is a day without sunshine!
The Nester- I wanna be her Be Frie. She is the girl at school with the coolest wardrobe, you know her? Boy, she can mis-treat some windows and homes like no bodies biz-ness.
Dust Bunny Hostage-My new Be Frie

I would say Confessions of a Yarn Whore, but I knew her first, for sure. But post the award anyway, Yarn Hoe.

Dullbert- Before you comment, I did NOT put post my entire blog link list. I wanted to, but I refrained.

Ah, geez, to anyone reading, post it on yer if ya wanna be my "fran"--you can have one, click, copy, post-I'd be honored.


Keetha said...

I LOVE how blogging does this. I think if all the lurkers REALIZED how much fun it is to find friends in this way they would cease and desist with their lurking and begin to leave COMMENTS!!!!

I'm hoping Big Mama's Fashion Fiesta "opens" up several more friendships like this for all of us. I THINK ITS WORKING - - - several of you have returned multiple times to my blog. Thanks. :-)

The Nester said...

Oh my gosh that is so stinkin' adorable! Thank you thank you for including little ol' me! What an honor! I am so happy to be considered your frie!!!

I think your personality really comes across on your blog and I can just tell we would get along swell!

And look at you and your famous dancing connections--I remember when you first sent out that email telling all of us that your friend was gonna be on Dancing!

jennifer said...

Thank you Dah-ling! I love a little bling and this is pretty! Gonna be gone for a few days and will get it and post it this weekend. YEA! Some cool blogging business to look forward to!

Your are one of my bestest bloggin' buds too! Your visits always make me smile.

Have a happy day.


Michelle said...

AWWW Leigh!! Thanks so much.. Just remember who I basically dedicated my blogging experience to when I started it.. YOU! You are ny Bloggy BFF! Thanks so much!

Jessica said...

Awww!!!! I am so excited!! Thank you so much! How sweet you are!

"J" said...

You are so wonderful and I'm so blessed that we crossed paths or should I say crossed blogs....however that may have been!!!!


Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing the bloggy BFF award with me!!! You ROCK my socks right off my feet...oooopppsss...I'm not wearing socks today...just flip flops!!! Okay so that is what just ROCKED off my feet!!! HE HE HE

I love your blog!!!!

I'm amazed at the WONDERFUL people I've met through my blog! I was very hesitant about signing up! I signed up because of Frannie she is my BFF in Atlanta and I'm here in Texas!!! It's a away for us to keep up with one another crazy life!!!!

Thank you again and I will do my best to pass it on!!!

One last (((HUGS)))!

Your the B-E-S-T!!!
You made my day!!!

Dullbert said...

OMG a BFF !"I'm a little verklempt" right now so excuse me. I feel a Sally Field Oscar speech coming on ! I would participate but the only people who ever leave comments are already on your list.
Oh and by the way Hewy it sucks to be "that guy" :)

MissBossyPants said...

awwwww shucks. I'm so pleased, my smile muscles hurt. And I am NOT being sarcastic, I swear! Really!!!

tricki_nicki said...

Thanks Leigh, you're such a darn cutie. I just love reading about your fun life. You always make me smile - I wish I knew you in real life!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

You are so sweet!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I think you have the cutest fam!!

Keetha said...

I was hoping to GLEAN some new friends through the Fashion Fiesta. By George - - - I think it worked!!! Today I added THREE new entries to my blog list and you are one of them. Can you FIND yourself there?

The three I added are gals who have been coming back to my blog and commenting even after the Fiesta.

Keetha said...

Yay!!!! I see myself in your links list.

BTW - - - the reason I often sign "Indiana Keetha" is 'cause there's actually ANOTHER Keetha (that's shocking to me as I always thought I was the one and only) who also blogs. She's also a cook book author.

I noticed in a picture somewhere on your blog that Big Daddy is a big FISHERMAN. Woooo hooooo - - - so is my hubby. I have lots of posts of "Ole" and "Sven" (hubby and his fishing buddy) fishing.

Leigh said...

Keetha- DO not let Bog Daddy holding a fishing rod fool you. He goes with me-when I beg....I am the fisherman-er-woman of the family.LOL!

Keetha said...

TOOOOOOOO funny!!!!! I just jumped to the conclusion that he WAS the fisherman. I like to pan fish with a cane pole and a worm. I'm NOT into chasing big pike or musky all over the lake with thousands of multi-colored FAKE lures, so hubby and I don't try to fish together.

Lindsey said...

So who is the sweetest bloggy friend EVAH?? You are!! Thanks for giving me this precious award. I just love this bloggy world.

Abbey said...

Let me catch my breath! I didn't have a speech prepared, but first, I want to thank God for bringing Leigh into my life. She was the very first fran I made in cyberspace. Leigh, you are a treasure and to not have met me face to face, you sure have come through for me in some rough times. I wish I were more creative and that my blog was more interesting, but I'm working on it. Thank you for the recognition, and the message that I should get back to what I do best - writing stories about what I know! God bless you, sweet pea!

Love, Abbey